Use this sample and step by step explanation for setting meaningful and inspiring employee performance goals for a body shop estimator.

The Body Shop Estimator is liable for issuing estimates for the cost of repairing damaged automobile and truck bodies by the policies and principles of the law.

The primary responsibilities for this position include calculating the costs of repairing damages for by visual inspection and familiarity with standard parts, examining the interiors for evidence of the damage for upholstery repair, inspecting damaged vehicles for dents, broken glass, scratches etc., determining the feasibility or repair or replacement of parts like fenders, bumpers, doors, estimating the cost of mechanical and electrical repairs to be performed on the body, estimating the cost of repainting, converting vehicles to particular purposes, customizing damaged vehicles depending on the specialty of the body.

Employee Performance Goals Sample

Employee's Name: Title:
Review Period: __/__/__ to __/__/__ Employee SSN:
Work Location: Supervisor's Name:


  1. Setting Goals: List specific goals in the space provided below each competency under "Performance Goals". Assign an appropriate timeline for each goal as well as numeric or financial terms to measure the goal.
  2. Employee Comments: The employee must comment next to each goal under "Employee Comments" with "Okay" for goals which he/she feels comfortable working with, and "Needs Clarification" for goals which he/she believes need to be discussed further. An employee who is comfortable with all the goals can sign the goals at this stage.
  3. Summary: Give a summary of the total time estimated for the employee to have achieved the goals. State action plans and specific milestones to track the goals. Any additional comments agreed between the employee and the supervisor should be noted here.
  4. Human Resources Review: Human resources personnel must confirm that the goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. He/she must then sign the goals in the "Human Resource" section provided under "Signatures".
  5. Signatures: When discussion of the goals has been completed and consensus has been reached, sign the goals and let the employee sign too. Send the final copy to the human resources for inclusion in the employee's professional records.

Performance Goals for Next Period

Performance Goals

Employee Comments


Weigh my words first before I speak them out to avoid saying unwanted things.

To be authentic in my speech and to make people appreciate my honesty and transparency.

[employee comments goal]

Avoid unnecessary distractions whenever I am about to make a phone call.

Manage my emotions well especially when handling an irate or upset caller.

[employee comments goal]

Always aim to develop and maintain strong and positive relationships with other people.

To always asks effective and open-ended questions to get to information that is more detailed on issues not well understood.

[employee comments goal]

Practice on little things so that when complex judgment calls need to be made, one has evidence to show that they can handle it

Divide a problem into smaller manageable problems and brainstorm solutions for them separately or try to find a resemblance with a previously solved problem

[employee comments goal]

Be focused on scheduling goals and share it out equally

Manage timely appropriately to make the best use of each day

[employee comments goal]

Use honest facts, figures, and data to support conclusions made

Make comments that do not injure or hurt other people's esteem

[employee comments goal]

Develop oneself as a resource for others by networking to find excellent contacts for future needs

Volunteer in community activities in order to get a chance to interact with other people and learn something new

[employee comments goal]

Use positive language to define own goals and avoid using negative phrases that would make one lose focus on the goals

Break down goals into actionable daily or weekly tasks in order to not lose motivation if the goals seem too big or far away to accomplish

[employee comments goal]

Learn to identify gaps in any information provided and look for logical sequence in the information

Set crystal clear plans and development schemes that work in order to produce an all polished and perfect product

[employee comments goal]

Dedicate full concentration and become fully involved in any task one is doing in order to do it better

Use a recognized quality standard when one is preparing and updating quality documentation

[employee comments goal]


Sections 1-2: To be completed by the supervisor

Section 3: To be completed by the employee

1. Goals completed since last performance feedback

2. Goals for next period

3. Employee comments


I acknowledge that I discussed this performance feedback with my supervisor. My signature does not mean that I agree or disagree with this appraisal.
Employee: Date:
Supervisor: Date:
Human Resources: Date:

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