Leadership Skills: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Leadership Skills are soft skills that assist leaders in positively interacting with employees or team members to make the workplace a great place.

Leadership Skills: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Uses specific and deliberate exercises to strengthen the team further
  • Has a high marginally functional department that is converted into a highly productive team
  • Puts employees together in a supportive, cooperative and highly successful team
  • Manages the department that is popularly known for its high level of teamwork
  • Exhibits a winning attitude among the team encouraging them to view challenges differently
  • Carries a strong orientation skill that directly contributes to the solidarity and focus of the employees
  • Structures the assignment and projects to further strengthen teamwork among the employees
  • Treats all employees with respect making them feel valued and worth
  • Implements a broad range of varied activities that increase the team's ability to handle challenging projects
  • Uses a unique team approach to develop and utilize the unique talents that each employee holds

Leadership Skills: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Recognizes and rewards the team for their behavior and hard work
  • Consistently emphasizes the importance of teamwork and personal goals by being an example
  • Highly useful in bonding employees together to create a solid team
  • Generates a positive, measurable outcome that results into team work spirit
  • Sets very high expectations that challenge the team to think creatively outside the box
  • Organizes directs and guides the subordinates to a rewarding finish line
  • Maintains an open communication platform with and among the employees
  • Precisely acknowledges the success of employees and recognize their contributions
  • Motivates and encourages the team to take responsibility for their performance
  • Establishes a company culture of reliability and concern for others

Leadership Skills: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Creates overlapping schedules that bring conflict and chaos at the workplace
  • Has minimal concern for teamwork that affects the rest of the team
  • Does not differentiate between a healthy competitive spirit and conflict
  • Undercuts teamwork spirit by giving preferential treatment to some favorites
  • Rarely takes action or deals with conflicts and disagreements among the employees
  • Focuses more on who is in the team rather than the team productivity
  • Provides no recognition or rewards for the team's efforts and hard work
  • Communicated to the team through reprimands creating a dull atmosphere
  • Does not make any attempt to be part of the team or to work together with them
  • Focuses on personal needs rather the needs of the entire team

Leadership Skills: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Do you lead others where you are not willing to go?
  • Are you reliable to answer the employees? questions without lying?
  • Do you invest in teamwork to ensure both management and workers are all harmonious?
  • Are you interested in the growth of the team and the profitability of the company as well?
  • Do you offer concern and assistance for poorly performing employees?
  • Are you willing to learn new trends to equip you as a better leader?
  • Do you reprimand your employees or discuss situations with them?
  • Are you likely to favor and compromise justice in the event of a conflict?
  • Can you be trusted to poor coach employees to see a change in their performance?
  • Is the company's interest the center of your interest as you work?

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