Top 27 employee engagement activities for meetings

Meetings are important to discuss issues facing the company and eventually knowing how to handle the issues. Meetings will be successful when employees are involved. As a manager, you should focus on the on breaking the boredom of only you contributing the points to the agenda. Employee engagement activities for meetings will energize the meeting and make it even fun.

A staff meeting is a perfect opportunity that allows the employee and the executive to meet and relate to each other.  As a manager you can make sure your employee have fun, engage and connect during a meeting. Devoting time may be a few minutes, for the employee to participate will encourage the employee to share thoughts, make contributions. Employee engagement activities for the meeting will help maintain the employee focus on the agenda of the meeting. Here are some employee engagement activities for meetings.

Employee involvement

  • Allow a session for questions during the meeting.
  • Encourage the employee to share their ideas.
  • Ask for issues and challenges during the meeting
  • Give breaks during the sessions
  • Offer snacks. 
  • Allow an employee to lead the meeting.


  • Spare some time after the meeting to interact with one another
  • During the meeting incorporate a forum for orienting new hires
  • Encourage feedback to know how they feel about the meeting
  • Create groups to help each other achieve their goals as they enhance their relationship
  • Ask for the employees’ opinion on the progress of the session.

Knowledge Teasers

  • Hold regular discussions during the meeting and let everyone share his idea
  • Brainstorming of an agenda.
  • Teasing puzzles at the middle of a session.
  • Communicate earlier the objective of the meeting.
  • During the meeting clarify things that are not clear to enhance their understanding


  • During the meeting assign some time for team assessment
  • Pose a challenge to be solved by the team
  • Take a chance to check if the meetings strengthen teamwork
  • During the meeting, assign duties to the team
  • Align the responsibilities to the employees when the session begins.


  • Change the venue for holding meetings
  • Change some aspect of your meeting
  • Start the meeting earlier than usual to spare some time for socializing
  • End the meeting in time do not exceed to encourage involvement
  • During the meeting usher in some motivation and inspiration

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