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Employee appreciation speech sample

Employee appreciation speech is given by one of the supervisors or managers to all the workers appreciating the top employees and all the staff for the excellent work they been doing. Many who are giving this speech have come unprepared or been informed in a bad timing. Giving a good speech is the goal for every manager to make his employees shine and create confidence in him at the same time. Seeing the employees motivated from this speech is the whole idea that leads companies to organize for such events. Any supervisor is happy to see his employees shine and grow confident in their work, and the only way to ensure they remain that way is by appreciating them. An excellent employee speech speaks to the depth of their hearts and keeps them engaged in their work knowing that their employer is pleased with them.

An example of an employee appreciation speech

"Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, I as the manager of Kroll Limited I at this moment stand here to let you know you have done us proud. To be honest with you, Kroll Limited would not be where we are, were it not for all of you dedicated team leaders. I am here to appreciate you all for your tremendous effort shown in the year 2015.

All your teams emerged the top, and there was such a healthy competition. The outcome was a thriving company and a happy customer who continues to set our records high. I sincerely want to appreciate each of you for being part of our team; it makes all the difference. Thank you for all that you do to ensure each department is running smoothly.

I know things have not been very smooth and there have been times we have been crazy with tight deadlines and demanding clients, yet you have demonstrated a positive attitude and perseverance in such times. Maybe you never thought we noticed your efforts and every sacrifice you go through. We have been wondering how to thank you enough for all this hard work, and it's been in our hearts for the supervisors and managers. We have therefore decided to hold a party for all you and your families or loved ones as a simple gesture of thank you.

It is important to honor those who deserve honor and give credit to those who have sacrificed their time and energy to see others prosper. You are those people, who make us stand high and thrive and in return, we shall get you succeed."

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