Find out the critical communication skills that nurses need to effectively communicate with patients and co-workers

4 critical communication skills for nurses

Nurses have a crucial role in the life of a patient. They are the ones tasked with the responsibility of taking care of a patient by giving the palliative care. Being in this position, nurses ought to have excellent communication skills so that they can be in a better position to communicate with their respective patients. If nurses are in a better position to communicate effectively, then this will help reduce the number of medical errors, build relationships and promote better health care. For a nurse here are top 4 communications you should focus on speaking slowly, use proper body language, listening attentively and speaking clearly.

Speaking slowly

Since nurses deal with patients, they ought to be speaking slowly since the patient does not require someone who is shouting at the top of their voices. This allows patients time to internalize what you are saying since they are in a very stressful situation. Their voice should be empathetic at all times as it will make the patient to be relaxed. Ensure always to show genuine empathy. In general the voice should be slow, empathetic and audible.

Proper body language

Communication is not about just words but also actions. Proper body language conveys the right message in terms of gesture, body movement and facial expression. Ensure that what you are saying goes hand in hand with your body language so as to avoid sending conflicting messages.

Attentive listening

Nurses are always with the patients. They are in most cases given instructions by the doctors as to how the patient should be treated and handled. This requires active listening so as to do the right thing. If a nurse is attentive during the conversation with the doctor, he or she will not be in a position to make medical errors. Also, it will present her with the opportunity to ask for clarification where something is not clear.

Remember your audience

The nurse is like a middleman between the doctor and the patient. He or she will be conveying messages from one party to another, and this requires active listening. The doctor’s language is complex for the patient to understand so the nurse must be aware that while talking to the patient he or she should use simple language so that the patient may get the correct information.

With these few skills, you will be sure to discharge your nursing duties in the best way possible.

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