Create a sales department onboarding checklist with our free sample and guidelines.

Free sales onboarding checklist sample

Onboarding is not as easy as it sounds as it contains vital details that if not appropriately factored in will make onboarding unsuccessful. Depending on the business you specialize in, you will need to strategize on how to onboard successfully. Different companies will handle onboarding differently touching on the main areas that need to be included. For the sales department, many sectors need onboarding.

A sample of the checklist

It is wise to prepare a list of all the areas that require onboarding to ensure your newbies are kept updated on what they are expected to accomplish.

A simple sales checklist to use:

  • Memorize all the names for the people on your team and their roles
  • Post at least one comment on an office group
  • Read and watch identified webinars and fact sheets for each product that is ready for the market.
  • Read publicly available guides that are written by the company or shared.
  • Read sales books that the sales team tries to follow and adhere to.
  • Read and understand the sales playbook to comprehend the sales process and activities.
  • Have one on one meetings with your manager/supervisor to set your goals.
  • Build a territory and account plan.
  • Set up email signature and phone messaging.
  • Watch customer and product videos that are available.
  • Review the opening/first pitch and related call scripts.
  • Prepare a slide with the proper information for products with their features and benefits.
  • Identify and work on at least three customer quotes that reveal personal thinking.
  • Connect with at least three persons through LinkedIn.
  • Write a script and three questions that are critical in prospecting calls.
  • Complete the product questionnaire on the main product differences.
  • Research what the competitors say about the company's product
  • Complete the standard objections worksheet with your responses.
  • Review phone software dashboard for an understanding of metrics.
  • Review opportunity with your manager to verify completeness.
  • Read at least five blog postings from each thought leader.
  • Propose one change to the current personal document based on the interview.
  • Identify and set goals on how you spend your time. 
  • Study your fact sheet and understand it thoroughly.
  • Create a product comparison for every company's products vs. the competitor's products.
  • Write down three important takeaways from a call.
  • Identify and understand leaders and laggards in each category
  • Identify personal goals and objectives and review prior activities.
  • Review metrics and your understanding of them.
  • Review current personal documents for those who had held that position before and see if they are accurate or hybrid.

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