Learn more about the employee 360 feedback template and sample text in the various skills categories.

Employee 360 feedback template with sample text

The 360 employee performance review is becoming popular in most organizations. This is because it provides a comprehensive feedback on the employees’ performance. They aim at areas of developing new skills, assessing progress as the employees work on their skills over time and identifying the personal weakness that influence performance. However, it is important to use comments, which will reach the intended message to employees. Often 360 review is conducted by colleagues as well, which means even employees need to learn how to provide feedback. Below is a template with employee 360 feedback examples:

Name of the employee:





5- Exceeds the requirements of their position

4- Exceeds expectations consistently

3- Performs satisfactorily

2- Needs improvement in certain aspects

1-Requires to improve performance immediately


Leadership skills

  1. Demonstration of high decision-making skills
  2. Explicit delegation of skills
  3. Excellent skills in change management
  4. Offering helpful coaching to employees
  5. Being responsible, approachable and listening

Organization skills

  1. Attention to detail
  2. Skills in carrying out projects
  3. Personal time management
  4. Logistics
  5. Financial management skills

Team skills

  1. Sense of dependability and reliability
  2. Willingness to participate in team work
  3. Availability to provide help to others
  4. Provision and positive reception of peer feedback
  5. Inquiry about issues that one does not understand clearly

Communication skills

  1. Excellent verbal and written skills
  2. Openness- Do they speak out about issues with their employees and supervisors.
  3. Networking skills
  4. Listening skills
  5. Negotiation skills- Determine their ability in communicating with employees

Interpersonal skills

  1. Stress management skills- How well the employee manages stressful moments and challenging tasks
  2. Approachability- Do others feel comfortable around them?
  3. Enthusiasm- Are they self-motivated. Do they depict a positive attitude?
  4. Group work- How well do they conduct themselves during group work?
  5. Confidence- Is the employee confident? Are they assertive?

Creativity skills

  1. Problem-solving skills- Are they able to employ effective problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts. Are they often involved in conflicts?
  2. Problem identification- Is the employee able to recognize a problem before it escalates.
  3. Inventiveness- Do they come up with new ideas to solve problems.
  4. Brainstorming skills
  5. Skills for making connections

Organizational goal alignment

  1. Understanding of one’s job
  2. Having the necessary knowledge and skills for a particular position or responsibility
  3. Understanding of the mission and vision of the organization
  4. Adherence to the company’s values
  5. Alignment of employee’s job and the company’s strategic goals

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