Employee evaluation can bring a lot of problems if they are written in the wrong kind of tone. Most times, communication is made difficult by the words and the tone that we use whether on paper or face to face. Especially when it comes to the performance appraisal, it is very easy to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Many are times when we are forbidden against using phrases that revolve around rumors, speculations, and personalities.

What are the right phrases to use?

You are doing great in communication

  • You are great at communicating whatever changes that arise in your projects all the time. You always keep the managers and supervisors informed of any change or request that you need. Keep it up!
  • You are useful in maintaining an actual dialogue with clients when they have technical problems. Through your bright and articulate efforts, you ensure customer's faults are sorted in a timely way.
  • You're excellent at giving an honest and logical analysis. Keep it up!
  • Your amazing ability to explain and lay down options and solutions in an efficient and effective way is excellent. Keep it up!

You are great at handling pressure

  • You are always calm and collected even when things aren't going as planned or when there is pressure all around you. A great rare trait to possess. Well done!
  • You always look beyond the obvious without stopping at the first answer you get. You explore alternatives. Well done!
  • Your one strength is the fact that you are competent at diagnosing complex problems and deliver sustainable solutions. You have a unique skill that enables you to turn complex situations into simple ones. Well, Done!
  • You often identify practical solutions to every roadblock. You're a real asset to the team! Great job!
  • You are easily able to shift to other areas with ease and comfortably to ensure that every project runs smoothly. Great job!

You should think of improvement

  • Avoiding conflicts with people is not helpful as it only builds up frustration deep within you with nothing being done to cure the problem. Facing people when problems are encountered and rectifying the problems immediately they occur is the actual treatment.
  • Sometimes you are overwhelmed when faced with multiple challenges, think of simple ways to make your problems more manageable to help you solve them in a timely efficient manner.
  • Do not allow demanding customers to ruin your day. If the customers are too, demanding to take a step back, collect yourself and address the matter afresh.
  • Learn from your past mistakes; the same mistakes are not beneficial to the company.

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