Formulate a simple speech for the best employee of the year

Employee of the year speech sample

If you are awarded the employee of the year award in your business, you also receive the honor to address your co-workers and bosses. Though many feel honored to receive the great accomplishment award, they get intimidated when the chance comes to hold that mic and speak their hearts out. Standing in front of everyone and making a speech is not as easy as we might think it is. Most times we worry what to say or what not to say, we worry of how to stand or how to hold the mic or where exactly to stand - the worries sometimes exceed the joy of the award. However, there is no need to worry; you don't have to be like the eloquent Hollywood stars who make speeches that the entire world marvels about neither do you have to be awful at it. Looking at a few examples of such kind of statement can give you an idea of what you are to say.

Samples of the Employee of the year speech

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen! I am incredibly honored to receive such an award for the employee of the year. It humbles me so much to see that all the work I do does not go unrecognized. The nominees for this award though did not make it to this spot were and still are capable of winning this award too. It simply takes classic hard work, and dedication and I know too well you have what it takes.

Though I have received this award, it has not been all swift and easy - I have experienced challenges that tempted me to give up, but I never looked back. Through all the challenges I encountered, I only grew stronger. Today, I can see they have only shaped a professional out of me who is focused on the goal without turning away.

Winning this much-coveted title would not have been possible without the much-needed help from all my seniors and my co-workers. I hold such deep respect for each of you for you have been my pillar of strength and helped me perform better at every stage.
I sincerely thank each on of you (you can mention their official names here) for helping me get to where I am today.

I promise to keep working hard and only getting better at what I do so. Thank you."

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