Find out the contents and format of the employee work experience certificate.

Sample employee work experience certificate format

Having prior work experience is advantageous especially when applying for a new job. However, you need to have evidence of the experience and skills, to show it to your future employers. This is can be in the form of an employee work experience certificate.

A work experience certificate is a document prepared by an employer for the employee at the time of leaving employment to confirm that the employee has been in a company for a particular period. It also indicates the contributions the employee have made and skills they have acquired.

Contents of a work experience certificate

Dates. These comprise of the date the certificate is issued and the dates when the employee had been employed in the company.

Recipient . The certificate is addressed To Whom It May Concern.

Body. The body contains details concerning the employee. These include the name of the employee, the company worked for, designation, duties and duration.

Name of the employee. Full names of the employee are included here.

The company worked for. The name of the company where the employee was working is included in the certificate.

Job title. This is the position in which the employee was working at the company. It should be indicated if the employee held more than one position.

Duties. The certificate should mention the duties the employee undertook in the company. These should be detailed because they portray the job experience and skills that the employee has acquired.

Work performance. Information about how the employee performed the duties should be included as well as his or her character and behavior. It answers questions such as ‘was the employee professional, team player, hardworking?’

Job duration. This indicates how long the employee has been with the company. It should give specific dates when the employee started working until the departure.

Closing statement. The closing statement should be for wishing the employee success.

Title and name of the person giving the certificate.

Sample format of a work experience certificate

Company’s letterhead

25th October 2016

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that John Michael has worked in Jintex Manufacturers as a Technical Engineer for five years from 5 October 2008 to 10 November 2013.

He was in charge of ensuring that quality is maintained in production, machines are operating at optimum level and that employees in the production department adhere to safety regulations. He portrayed professionalism, innovativeness and high performance in the execution of duties.

He was hardworking, honest and dedicated to work during his time in the company.

We wish him all the best in his endeavors.

Mark Davis

Human Resource Manager

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