Proper relations with employees are needed to ensure success in any organization. That is why a business needs to have policies and procedures addressing various aspects encountered at the workplace such as performance, discipline, conflict resolution, employee recognition, and communication. Having these in place ensures a smooth working relationship between employees and the employer.

However, keeping track of employee relations manually can be a hectic task. For instance, keeping track of conflict cases by recording them manually can be time-consuming, and it is prone to errors. This is where employee relations software comes to the rescue. The software makes it easy to maintain workplace relations. Top employee relations software includes;

Acumen data systems

Acumen provides software in employee management and business automation. Areas covered include labor management, hr management, attendance, employee scheduling, job tracking and data collection. The software simplifies the task of managing workforce by automating processes while reducing errors. It improves employee relations by ensuring tasks are scheduled properly, job costing and tracking are done and there is proper leave management.


HrAcuity is employee relations software for handling employee issues. It provides employers with tools to resolve and manage matters in employee relations in a reasonable manner. Other services it provides are in case management, risk mitigation, coaching and recording keeping. HrAcuity ensures there are readily available records, well-planned investigations, and employment litigation risks analytics.

CRG emPerform

CRG emPerform is performance management software that makes it easy for the employer to deal with the performance at the workplace. It has tools for aligning, developing, rewarding and retaining a productive workforce. It is a useful tool to employers for ensuring that high performance is recognized and rewarded, one aspect of maintaining health employee relations and motivates employees to achieve more.

Er Tracker

Having difficulties monitoring your employee relations cases? Er Tracker aids in tracking, recording and monitoring employee relations cases. The software ensures procedures are followed for compliance and consistency in solving cases of disciplinary, grievance, employment tribunal and long-term sick leave.


Kronos is a human capital management platform with tools to manage employees from pre- hiring to when they exit. The software helps in the automating process to increase efficiencies and to have engaged employees. For instance, the workforce management tool improves productivity, minimize risks in compliance, and controls labor cost. Areas covered include payroll, scheduling, attendance, managing absence, and hiring. These also help in preventing employee burnout and improving employee engagement.

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