When employees are not happy and contented with their work, they always tend to quit their jobs and find better ones. The high rate of employee turnover is a problem for the organization. Therefore, managers should deploy key incentives that will help in employee retention and motivation. In the increasingly competitive business world, highly talented employees are in high demand.

Retention of employees is, therefore, an important aspect in ensuring productivity of the organization. When employees are motivated, they feel proud about their jobs and will tend to work hard and remain in their job positions. Here are some ideas for employee retention and motivation.

  1. Recruit the right employees-higher the right employees for the right job this will reduce the rate of turnover by employees wishing to quit due to the placement of undesired jobs. It, however, provides career advancement.
  2. Pay well-better and fair compensation of employees encourage them to remain in their job positions. Often employees are attracted to better-paying companies, and they will quit seeking for better pay. Ensure that you are offering competitive wages that are most valued by today's workers in the local market.
  3. Invest in employees- to ensure retention of highly talented employees invests on their training. Training will equip them with newly qualified skills and will make the employees feel recognized and appreciated hence motivating them to remain in their job positions.
  4. Offer incentives- retain and motivate your employees by extra benefits provided by the company. Consider giving them raises or bonuses to make them feel motivated and thus aiding in their retention.
  5. Promote from within whenever possible-employees need to be motivated once in a while by being supported in their job positions. Promotion keeps the other employees on toes as they will keep trying their best to get a chance to be promoted. It aids in giving employees a clear future for themselves in the company.
  6. Initiate flexible working conditions- some employees work best at home. Finding a company that offers this working condition will attract this kind of employees, and they will often remain in the organization. It makes employees feel motivated as you hold them accountable for their flexible arrangements.
  7. Provide different perks- offer the employees with perks that are hard to get elsewhere. With this, you increase retention as employees are attracted to the creativeness and uniqueness.
  8. Provide guidance- make the employees aware of their job duties and how they are performed to reduce confusion which may lead to turnovers.
  9. Create the right culture-ensure the working environment attract the employees.
  10. Communication- create efficient and open communication between employees and public management.

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