Learn about the basic skills that a business analyst needs for effective performance of duties.

6 basic skills required for business analyst

A business analyst has a significant role in the success of a business by helping to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. However, for efficient performance, there are various essential skills that a business analyst needs such as excellent communication skills, critical thinking, decision making and analytical skills. These core competencies are required together with technical skills that a business analyst may be needed to have based on their duties. These basic skills include:

Communication skills

In the course of duty, a business analyst interacts with clients, software developers, and the management in receiving and giving information. The analyst needs to communicate information such as findings, requirements for a project and other details to the concerned parties. There is also need to ask the right questions and to listen to answers actively. This requires excellent written and oral communication skills so that the information relayed is accurate, clear and concise.

Analytical skills

A business analyst is required to analyze information to come up with solutions to the given problems. This requires strong analytical skills to enable the analyst to assess the business needs and come up with the relevant solutions. A business analyst should also know how to use various techniques for analysis such as decision models and business process models to make the analysis more efficient.


In most cases, business analysts are faced with a business problem that needs solving. Also, as they develop solutions for the business, the analysts are confronted with unpredictable situations that require fast solutions so that the projects can be completed successfully. The analysts are also involved in solving technical challenges faced by the teams. This calls for excellent problem-solving skills.

Critical thinking

Before arriving at a suitable solution, a business analyst is required to evaluate different options. This needs consideration of client needs critically and being inquisitive until the need is identified and understood. This makes critical thinking one of the basic skills that a business analyst needs for efficient performance.

Decision-making skills

Choosing a course of action after assessing various options is one of the core competencies of a business analyst. The analyst’s role implies advising developers and the management on matters that can affect the performance of a business. Therefore, the business analyst should have excellent decision-making skills so that he or she can make the right choice from the given options.

Technical skills

Business analysts are required to have technical knowledge since they are the link between business and technology. They need to understand the technological part of the organization to provide relevant solutions.

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