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9 Key Interview Questions for a Business Analyst

A business analyst is a person who analyses the current situation of the business, identifies the company’s goals and comes up with things he/she believe will impact the business. Every company needs a business analyst, and without such people, the business will struggle. The primary role of a business analyst focuses on IT and infrastructure.

The responsibilities and the role of a business analyst may vary from one company to the other. However, the interview question for a business analyst may not differ much. Some of the issues, in fact, are the same. Having the idea of the interview questions for a business analyst will not only give you the confidence, but you will be able to formulate the type of answer you are going to give. Memorising the following list of question will not make you a great business analyst but might help you land your next dream job

Business Analyst Terms

  • What is a Use case model?

A use case model is a means of presenting streams of events and how they continuously follow each other.

  • Can you explain the Pareto analysis?

Pareto analysis is a technique mostly regarded as 20% - 80%, where the twenty represent the causes of the situation and the eighty portrays the results.

  • Explain the difference between FRD and BRD?

Business required document BRD are the high level of requirements in a business such as problems to be addressed while Functionality required documents are functionality needed to solve the problem.

Behavioural questions

  • What steps do you think are necessary when creating a product from an idea?

The best answer should incorporate SWOT analysis.

  • What do you think are the key strength of a business analyst?

A real answer should have both the technical and the soft skills that you think are important for the firm.

  • How do you approach a project?

Be creative and show the manager how you customise your approach to a project.

  • How have you handled stakeholders who have proven to be difficult?

Answer the question with assertiveness as the manager is testing your soft skills especially communication, collaboration and influential abilities.

  • Explain the routine in your former company?

This question is for people who are not fresher’s in the field and should be answered by your daily routine.

  • What tools do you require as a business analyst?

The manager wants to know your full understanding of the job, and you should include all the software such as word, excel, powerpoint and MS Project

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