Check out on our collection of the best Top 15 problem-solving activities! Apply them in your organization.

Top 14 Problem Solving Activities

Everyone experience problems. At the workplace, employees may experience problems some which may be complicated while others can easily be solved. At any working place, either an office or even a construction site, employees are exposed to different challenges. However, these problems require creative problem-solving activities.

Employers are always looking for employees who will solve a problem as it arises or that employee who value teams as part of the problem-solving activities. You may have the procedure to resolve an issue at the workplace, but it’s of great importance to have knowledge on the importance of Problem Solving Activities and techniques. Developing these problem-solving activities will assist you and your organisation to get to the bottom of even the so-called complex situations. Check out our best problem-solving activities that will support to get you started.

Team solving activities

  • Brainstorming- let the employees gather and exchange ideas on how to solve problems.
  • Whiteboard- allow the staffs to compile a list of problems
  • Scavenger hunt- give your workers a list of challenges and divide them into groups. Let them solve the problems.
  • Delegations- each member or groups are made responsible for addressing a different set of difficulties. Members are chosen depending on their skills or field of an expert.
  • Committee-Managers may have a permanent committee or even create a one to encourage group solving activities.

Team bonding activities

  • Zombie escape- choose one of your staff to act like a zombie and close your employee in the room. Let the employees decide how to find keys to open the door.
  • Drawings- let a worker draw on a piece of paper and then the other employees to try and reveal the pictures.
  • Office trivia- create a trivia or buy one. The questions can be related to the workplace and will help in problem-solving activities.
  • Move it- let employees come up with picture patterns by moving them on a white board.
  • Block building- provide your employees with building block and let them duplicate a block.


  • Tower building- this will increase their problem-solving activities
  • Crosswords- create crossword puzzles and provide hints.
  • Trivia- set small prizes to employees who will be able to solve it.
  • Blindfold game- divide the staffs into a group and ask them to come up with different shapes while blindfolded.

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