Get to know how an employee training agreement looks like from the sample given.

Employee training agreement sample

In most cases, employers provide training to their employees, in order to sharpen their work skills. They do so, with the hope that the worker will contribute immensely to the success of the company. An employee training agreement can help employers retain the knowledge gained by their employees at least for some time. A legal deed constitutes an agreement between an employer and an employee.

There is no standard way of drafting the employee training agreement, but it should comprise of the following things:

  1. The qualification the employee is working towards
  2. Period it takes to complete
  3. Number of employment and training hours offered every week
  4. Employee responsibility
  5. Actions to take if they find any problems
  6. Arrangements for off-job and on-job training

By signing this agreement, it means that the employee has agreed to the terms and conditions outlined in the deed.

Sample of employee training agreement

This employee training agreement entered on 19 Oct 2016 is between Mr. James Bruce (Name of employee) and Jany IT Solutions (Name of employer/company name).

Jany IT Solutions (Name of employer/company name) agrees to support the employee to complete the following course:

Course Title: Executive Business Management

Start Date: 16 Nov. 2016

Expected duration of the course: 18 months


Jany IT Solutions will offer a funding of $5000 to complete the course above, paid to the training provider directly.

Terms and conditions


Jany IT Solutions agrees to support and mentor you fully throughout your training, in return we need you to meet the conditions below:

  1. I understand that any additional costs pertaining to the course including materials and travel costs are my responsibility.
  2. I agree to dedicate the needed effort and time to finish the above course and meet the obligations outlined by the training provider.
  3. I agree to work at Jany IT Solutions (Name of employer) according to the terms of my employment agreement.
  4. I will continue to work at Jany IT Solutions for 2 years after the completion of the course.
  5. I will render a copy of my certificate to Jany IT Solutions upon completion of the course above.
  6. Should I not finish the course or be able to adhere to the conditions listed above, I will notify Jany IT Solutions (name of employer) in writing immediately and understand that they might require me to pay back the amount allocated to the training.


Signed (employee): [...] Signature: [...]

Printed name (employee): [...] Mr. James Bruce

Date: 19 Oct. 2016

Signed on behalf of: [...] (Employer/setting):

Printed name: Jany IT Solutions

Date: 19 Oct. 2016

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