Use these job knowledge comments to make the relevant appraisal of the performance of your employees.

Top 30 employee comments examples on job knowledge

Employees are more productive if they have sufficient knowledge of their job. This ensures that they can perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. However, you will find that some employees possess high levels of job knowledge and they perform accordingly while others do not have enough skills which mean they struggle through tasks.

When it comes to evaluations, you need to provide comments that portray the performance of an employee in relation to job knowledge. These should encompass not only the employee’s skills and knowledge but also on how they use them to perform duties.


  • Has superior job knowledge that he applies when performing tasks.
  • Uses her knowledge to mentor other employees and to share her knowledge.
  • Looks for innovative ways to apply his skills and generates ways to improve procedures and processes.
  • Using his expertise, she has helped to save the company a lot of money.
  • Applied his expertise to transform the project from failure to success.
  • Has contributed immensely in her field of expertise.
  • Shows passion for learning and expanding his skills.


  • She portrays thorough knowledge of the job.
  • He shares his job knowledge with other employees to enhance their expertise.
  • Takes the provided opportunities to expand her skills.
  • Applies his expertise in a creative way.
  • She uses her job knowledge to provide solutions to problems.
  • Has demonstrated he is an expert in his field.


  • Her work shows that she has enough skills for the job.
  • He updates himself on the current changes relating to his job knowledge and readily accepts change.
  • She raises the quantity and quality of work based on her job knowledge.
  • Solves technical problems with ease.
  • Always utilizes opportunities to build his expertise and to upgrade his knowledge.
  • Demonstrates thorough knowledge of her job.

Needs improvement

  • Regularly shows the lack of adequate skills to perform routine job functions.
  • Resists change in skill requirements or job knowledge.
  • Does not take the presented training opportunities to enhance his skills.
  • Explains using a lot of technical jargon that makes it difficult to understand her.
  • Tends to rely more on outdated information.
  • Builds his expertise in areas not related to his job and that do not benefit the company.


  • He always shows a lack of the required skills to perform the job.
  • Does not take advantage of the skill enhancement opportunities presented.
  • In most cases, she resists change in skill requirements.
  • Does not provide accurate technical information.
  • Does not seem interested in upgrading his skills.

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