Employees being the pillar of every business need to be taken care of in a special way. Undertaking studies that will allow them to communicate freely is a significant step in giving them a voice. Most times the survey only reflects on the work being done forgetting to ask about their salaries, allowances, insurance, etc. The employee benefits survey is the way to go to allow the employees open up about matters concerning their welfares and respond to them. Even though you may not offer the response that they need, it is still happy to call them together and chart the way forward together.

Employee benefits questions

General overview

  • What position do you hold in your workplace?
  • How comfortable is your work environment?
  • What is your happiness level at your company?
  • Which employee benefit is the most important to you?
  • How do you consider your employee benefits compared to other staff and companies?
  • How easily do you access information about employees' benefits and your salaries?

Financial benefits

  • Are you satisfied with your salary?
  • Are you satisfied with your retirement plan?
  • How comfortable are you with the opportunities for promotion, raises, and bonuses presented by your company?
  • Are you involved in the employee stock buying program?
  • Overall, are you at peace with the financial benefits system?

Health Benefits

  • Are you content with the health plan options?
  • Is your dental plan benefit favorable, if any?
  • Are you provided with a vision plan option?
  • Are you satisfied with your long term disability insurance option?
  • Are the options you are provided with for life insurance favorable?
  • Does your health insurance cost you too much?
  • Overall, are you satisfied with your health benefits?

Paid Time off

  • Are you pleased with the number of vacation, sick offs and personal days that you receive?
  • How fair is your sick day leave?
  • Are you allowed to enjoy your off days without being recalled back to work?
  • Are you authorized to take your leave when its time or are you delayed?
  • Are you satisfied with your overall paid time off?

Additional benefits

  • Are you happy with continuing your education and training opportunities?
  • Are you satisfied with the tuition reimbursement option?
  • Are you pleased with the additional benefits you receive?


  • Are you content with the information provided by the overall benefits you receive?
  • Do you understand your employee benefits?
  • Do you know whom to call if you have questions about your benefits?
  • Are you satisfied with the overall employee benefits?
  • Would you be willing to pay slightly higher for health insurances in return for expanded benefits?

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