Training is necessary for any organization. It helps to improve the performance of the employees and eventually the profit of the company by equipping the employees with the skills they need. However, it does require planning. Managers should develop an employee training template. This ensures that all the issues the managers want to train their employees on are addressed. If you have no idea what this is, below is a sample you can use:

Job description

  1. The position of the attendees- This can include marketing representatives, marketing team leaders, managers, sales people and the like
  2. Job responsibilities
  • marketing of company’s products
  • Supervising marketing representatives
  • Monitoring sales and making analysis on the sales feedback

Indicate the organization goals

  1. Organization goals - Make goals of your business known to the employees, what do you intend to achieve through the training
  • To improve sales by 15%
  • To learn effective ways of attracting customers
  • To understand the market atmosphere and the company’s place in the market
  • To make appropriate market projections for various company’s products


  1. Venue of the training - The venue should be communicated to all the attendees. For instance, training venue: Conference Hall A
  2. Time of the training- The exact time that the training will start should also be communicated. For example, it can be from in the morning
  3. Duration it will take- Training takes two weeks from 11 Sep 2017 to 27 Sep 2017 excluding weekends
  4. Facilitators- Regardless of whether you are inviting internal or external facilitators, they should be included in the template such as Jakes Marketing Consultant Realtor Agencies
  5. Activities involved- Let the employees know in advance, what the training will entail. This will make them engaged. For example, you can include group discussions, flip charts, and puzzles.

List down all the relevant topics

  1. Social skills- For marketers, social skills are paramount. Teach them how to strike a lasting conversation and thereafter a relationship with a customer.
  2. Communication skills- Employees need to communicate to potential clients about the company’s products effectively
  3. Negotiation Skills- Negotiation is crucial for successful marketing. Hence, if employees are taught how to negotiate appropriately with their customers, it will be easy to reach sale targets
  4. Marketing skills- Employees can be trained on how to identify a potential lead and the way to sell to the target audience without losing focus
  5. Leadership skills- For team leaders, it is important to learn the best leadership style to use to manage their teams
  6. Customer service skills- Good relationship with clients will guarantee sales. Hence, it is an important topic to address during the employee training.

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