Learn how to recognize employees for work well done.

Employee Recognition Celebration. Top 10 Ideas.

Employees are the heart of any organization. This one reason is enough to keep your employees engaged for better productivity and business growth. The tradition of rewarding employees has always been giving them cash. When money is used, it is not a long-term motivator and within a short period, the motivation goes again. Finding a perfect way to recognize them rather than pay them off is a more firm way that is bound to stick in their hearts making them feel well cared for.

Top 10 Ideas for Employee Recognition Celebrations

  • Thank you note - an official note pinned on the employee's desk speaks a thousand words and sticks in the heart of the staff.
  • Flexible hours - Allowing your team to work in flexible hours is worth more than just cash, it shows that you care for their rest and family life.
  • The Boss's office - Give your best employee a boss feeling by switching rooms with them for even a day to allow them to work with their feet up.
  • Pizza party - All staff loves the idea of food. Take them out for pizza and watch them lighten up and watch them carry their smiles around the office.
  • Office tours - An office visit to one of your vendors or suppliers to learn more about who they work with will brighten up the staff.
  • A sweet tooth doesn't hurt - Random cake time in the office brings so much fun for every employee to enjoy as you seize the opportunity to recognize those who have excelled.
  • Seal that recognition letter - Instead of an average enveloped recognition letter, step ahead and frame it to present a moment they won't forget.
  • Social media - Paint the streets on social media red with recognition for the best employee highlighting who they are, what they have done and why it's a big deal.
  • Offsite working - change is as good as a rest they say, taking your entire team out to work in cafes or malls that are wi-fi enabled soothes the employee's mind allowing them to relax and have fun.
  • Sticky notes - Handwritten sticky notes left on the employee's desks are a pleasant surprise and considered more intentional.
  • Rotating Trophy - Get a fun trophy that can be passed around the office for the best employee from time to time allowing the employee to keep the trophy for as long as they are overtaken by someone else.

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