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20 Sales Inspiration quotes

Sales people deal with a lot of negative energy out there every day as they try to sell their services or products. It is one of the hardest professionals to take in any market as they mostly deal with a 'no' for the better part of the day. By the time they get one deal signed they have gone through lots of unanswered emails, unanswered calls and many other stressful situations that other careers don't have to face. Even with the stressful conditions, sales people are made of steel; they rarely give up. It is the work of companies to come up with motivational ideas that will keep their sales team active and happy to do their job. A motivational quote each day/week can keep them going.

Examples of Sales Inspiration Quotes

  • "There is no time for anything; you must make time for everything."
  • "Did you know everyone is in sales? How else do we stay in business?"
  • "A lack of will brings a whole difference between a competent and unsuccessful one."
  • "Failure is an event and not a person; that's why yesterday ended last night."
  • "The only slight difference between triumph and try is just the umph! And it's a big deal."
  • "By treating everyone you meet as an important person, you will succeed both in life and in sales."
  • "If you do not treat your customers right, your competitor will do it."
  • "An excuse in the most unprofitable thing every manufactured in the face of the earth."
  • "If you believe in something, sell it and sell it hard; this is the standard policy."
  • "Your attitude determines your sales."
  • "An ordinary mind that generates enthusiasm is better that a great idea that inspires no one."
  • "If your description of success is the culmination of mistakes, failures, confusion and the determination to keep it going, then you are on the right track." 
  • "The most successful salespeople have learned that listening is the most vital part of their job."
  • "If your aim is to build a successful long-term enterprise, chose not to close a sale but to open a relationship." 
  • "Don't give up; it is a significant weakness even to attempt. Success comes when we choose to try just one more time."
  • "Keep going; the clock never stops so does time!"
  • "To get ahead, you need to get started."
  • "You will always attract that which you seek, be careful."
  • "Don't let fear stop you, everything you ever wanted is on the other side."
  • "Don't look back to yesterday; it's already gone, today is here make use of it." 

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