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Employee Termination Letter Sample

Hiring and firing are two activities that no employer want to handle as they are tedious and frustrating at times. Termination is a necessary process that should be exercised in any company no matter how ugly it is. A termination letter explains in detail reasons as to why an individual's employment is terminated. The termination letter protects the company in case any questions arise or if any legal issues regarding the termination appear. It is considered professional to put the cessation of any employee into writing to ensure clear records are filed for future reference if any need be. It is also important to include reasons for termination and thoroughly explain all the details required.

A sample of the employee termination letter

Mr. Chris Grey,
875 Brickell Ave.
Williamsport, PA 17701

May 30, 2014

Tom Dolley,
Hydropower Ltd
7381 Elm St.
Harrisburg, PA 17109

REF: Termination of your services

Dear Mr. Grey,

This letter is a confirmation of our discussion today that your employment with us, Hydropower Ltd is terminated effectively and immediately.

The reason we have decided to terminate your employment is due to the well-known fact of non-production and rudeness to the authority. Having received four warning letters, you have not shown any improvement in any way; we are left with no other choice except to release you.  Your salary for this month will be sent to your account on our regular payday, and your severance pays for two weeks since you have been with us for less than a year.

The severance pay will only be released to you once you accept to sign and return the enclosed release of claims documents. Any additional payment for your accrued PTO will be included in your final pay that will be transferred to your account.

Your increased benefits status letter will be mailed to you outlining the benefits owed to you. The letter will also include precise information about the group health coverage.

Kindly return your security swipe card, your office key and the company owned computer - laptop and cell phone first thing tomorrow.  You will need to suffice the company with your details to ensure that any communication required, is sent to you in a faster means.

Kindly let us know of any questions or clarifications you may need. Our office is open to hearing from you anytime sooner or later


Tom Dolley,
Human Resource Manager.
Hydropower Ltd

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