Employees are the pillar of an organization. Thus they should be regularly evaluated. However, evaluation without giving the employees feedback is pointless. Sometimes as a manager, you may lack the words or phrases to give your employee after reviewing their assessment. Offering employee feedback comment is essential as it helps build trust, motivate the employees to work harder and ensure the employee get a peaceful work environment.  Here are examples of employee feedback comments to give a shot in your organization.

Quality of the work

  • Require minimum supervision to meet the requirement.
  • High level of accuracy
  • Work produced is error free.
  • Outstanding quality of work produced.
  • Never misses' work and quality always meet the expectation.

Customers' services

  • Good handling skills in providing customer service.
  • Take an extra step to resolve issues with unhappy customers.
  • Clear communication in providing services to the client
  • Skillful in handling customer questions.
  • A good listener which make the customers feel valued.


  • Creative and skilled in turning a problem into an opportunity.
  • His Innovation and has led to 22% increase in productivity.
  • When encountered by unexpected outcome he is creative and resourceful.
  • His developmental and innovative are implementable by the organization
  • The employee display creativity in his organization and management skills.


  • Take full responsibilities his project.
  • He cooperates well with his teammates to develop their skills
  • He is visionary and is supported by colleague and managers
  • Work well with staff and employees and always reach his goal.
  • Provides regular performance feedback when required.

Job knowledge

  • Employee fully understands his role in the company
  • Display good understanding on how his job and the company goals.
  • Fully utilizes the company assets in his work.
  • Good job knowledge on how his job relates to others.
  • Flexible to adapt changes related to his role.


  • Effectively communicates topics that are complex.
  • Give immediate feedback on work progress.
  • Use proper channels to communicate with his superior
  • Encourages the employee to express their ideas openly.
  • Always communicate his point clearly and to the point.

Time management

  • Great job of multi-tasking
  • Complete projects accurately before deadlines
  • Prepare his plans according to time allocated and never late in submitting a project
  • Respect other people's time.
  • Always punctual to work and business meetings

Decision-making abilities.

  • Always considered in decision making.
  • His judgment is clear and sound.
  • Demonstrate strong analytical skills when making a decision.
  • Offer workable solution.
  • Always involve the right people in making a decision.


  • Has no problem in switching to immediate changes.
  • Able to balance work life with personal life.
  • Accept critics on his work and show improvement.
  • Adapts to new work professions with ease.
  • Flexible to change his work routine to fits immediate situations.


  • Inspire other to work together.
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Supportive to his colleagues

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