Occasionally, if you are a manager or supervisor, an employee will come to you with a request for an employee verification letter. This formal correspondence is also referred to as the proof of employment. The document verifies that the employee works in the organization and can it include other vital details.

Various reasons exist why an employee may need the letter such as for a college loan, credit card, mortgage loan or it may be required by the landlord. When you are writing the letter, take the time to write a professional one even if your business is small due to the impact it can have on the employee. The good thing is that plenty of downloadable templates are available online.

Writing a professional verification letter considering its impact is mandatory. While it might seem as if it only benefits the employee, you are expected to give your best when writing the letter. Besides, a poorly written letter will reflect a bad image of your organization and you certainly do not want that. You should use the opportunity to tell the creditor or the concerned party about the company and the duties of the employee.

How to write a professional employee verification letter

Various details must appear in an employee verification letter for it to appear professional, in addition to its format. It should have the date the employee started working in the organization, clearly state the employee duties and income. Just as any other business letter, it should carry your company?s letterhead. It should also include your job title and contacts such that the recipient can easily access you if they need to inquire more about the employee.

For managers, here are some tips for writing the best verification letter. First, consider the audience. For creditors and other financiers, the letter can contain all the employee?s details including their pay. However, if you are writing a letter for an employee who is moving to another company, you might have to leave out the income and concentrate on their responsibilities at your organization. Ensure to keep it brief and concise.

A sample employee verification letter

Date, Employer Name, Employer Address. Re: Proof of employment for (employee?s name) To whom it may concern. Please accept this letter as confirmation that this employee has worked with this organization since this date. Currently, the employee holds this title, earns this salary for this number of years. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me through this contact. Sincerely yours, Employer Name and Title


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