Work Attitude: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

Work Attitude is one's feelings towards and beliefs about one's job and their behavior that can tell how it feels to be there.

Work Attitude: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Encourages colleagues to work and quickly build up a jovial working environment of trust
  • Has a valuable working attitude that strengthens business connections in an amazing way
  • Always firm, determined and confident with a strong minded will not give up
  • Ability to deal with internal and external pressure excellently while maintaining the right attitude
  • Very cheerful person making everyone around to cheer up as well
  • Carries a positive viewpoint and ability to make sound decisions in stressful situations
  • Always focused to internal bearing that brings out the right attitude in all situations
  • Always thinking positively and willing to share positive insights that could benefit everybody
  • Always emphasizes the positive in each situation no matter how grim it looks like
  • Carries a delicious humorous character that makes others enjoy a good laugh as they perform their tasks

Work Attitude: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Has a high positive impact on those around encouraging and motivating them to do their best
  • Carries a productive attitude that does not change even in unpleasant situations
  • Focuses energies and strengthens on the most demanding tasks that can be done
  • Always works past the can't do attitude to ensure difficult tasks are done
  • Certain about capability to get any job done and done well
  • Always willing to jump in and help with any situation without necessarily being asked
  • Seeks opportunities to show others what can be done with ease and what needs much work
  • Seeks to do the more challenging tasks and does them well
  • Always brings a smile on the face that can tell enthusiasm from afar
  • Always carries a positive mindset that is frequently accompanied by an excellent posture

Work Attitude: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Does not do well under pressure likely to overlook the important details
  • Has frequent changing mods that are difficult to keep up with
  • Fails to maintain a friendly attitude in times of work stress changing to a high tone and harsh voice
  • Always looks frightening making the team fear and withhold their opinions
  • Needs to learn how to control his temper and working attitude when under pressure
  • Always the bridge of conflicts among the coworkers fueling conflict on one side
  • Always has conflict with the management that needs to be resolved
  • Carries an unfortunate viewpoint that always causes the team to lose the bearing
  • Always works against the company policy by declaring everything difficult
  • High rude to the coworkers and does not receive any remarks very well

Work Attitude: Self Evaluation Questions

  • Are you focused on doing a thorough work on all tasks assigned without any complaint?
  • Are you quick to congratulate coworkers who are doing their level best?
  • Do you a right attitude to handle all types of customers, colleagues, and management?
  • Do you allow others to air their opinions or give you new ideas you can implement?
  • Are you an asset to your company or a strict liability that only causes conflict?
  • Do you care about the impression you give to your business about what kind of a person you are?
  • Are you always armed with the right attitude no matter the situation?
  • How do you handle workplace stress and work related pressures?
  • Do you give your work a personal touch that people can put know you did it?
  • Are you emotionally stable or do you flare up in uncontrollable anger?

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