Use these useful examples to improve on your employee evaluation process and build a reputable company

Employee evaluation feedback: 34 Useful examples

Whether you conduct the employee evaluation quarterly or annually, they can be nerve-wracking for both parties - the management and the employees as well. Especially for new business owners who have never evaluated their employees before and may not have an idea how to approach this important aspect of performance management. Employment evaluation is essentially a report for each of your employee stating clearly reviews of their work. They can be very time-consuming and difficult to give standardized comments for each of them. By providing positive feedback, you motivate and encourage each of them to work better and concentrate on what is important. Remain consistent in providing standardized positive comments to your employees to create confidence in them. These comments can be hard to come up with for your entire workforce. That's why it is important to learn a few of the comments that you can adopt from the list below.

Employee evaluation feedback

Attendance and punctuality

  • Focused on getting to work on time every day
  • Dependable due to his punctuality consistency
  • Reliable to finish all the tasks within the set deadlines
  • Always available and punctual for every meeting
  • Adheres to lunch schedules and breaks without compromise
  • Manages his time very well


  • Displays creativity and original thinking in most of the projects handled.
  • Thinks out of the box beyond our expectations.
  • Very resourceful when faced with challenges
  • Generates usable ideas and indigenous suggestions to improve on his work.

Managing others

  • Maintains full responsibility for the team under his leadership
  • Provides clear direction in clear terms
  • Has no problem gaining compliance with other workers.
  • Plans with all the subordinates in mind
  • makes every effort required to avail himself to his team
  • Provides regular feedback to subordinates
  • Works with the staff who shows progress in developing their skills.


  • Influences others to perform better
  • Quickly assumes a strong leadership role without problems
  • Tolerates and works well under pressure
  • Exhibits a high level of self-confidence
  • Respects and trusts others through uncompromised integrity and authenticity.

Communication - both written and oral

  • Writing is very clear, concise, effective and informative
  • Edits his work to eliminate all the grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Displays interest in asking questions
  • Presents information and ideas clearly
  • Skillfully varies his writing style to fit the audience in need
  • Converts complex data into simple, understandable reports
  • Is well-prepared presenter who actively makes meetings successful
  • Has great listening skills and prompt answers

Organization and support

  • Understand and respects the organization's policies and procedures
  • Both actions and words strongly demonstrate support to the organization.
  • Actively demonstrates support and respect to authority
  • Completes most of his task on time

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