Know how to write an employee termination letter due to absenteeism including a sample letter.

Employee termination letter due to absenteeism

Absence at work can result in employment termination. One thing that commonly causes of employee absenteeism is illness although an employee may choose to abscond duty. However, to take a safe stand and avoid lawsuits, it is important for an employer to refer to the laws and employee handbook regarding employment termination due to absenteeism before terminating an employee. For instance, in the case of excessive sick days, the employer should refer to The Family and Medical Leave Act, for the number of days allowed in unpaid sick leave. If the company policy and the law allows, then the employer can terminate the services of an employee.

How to write an absenteeism termination letter

The termination letter needs to be professional and precise since other than informing the employee that he or she will no longer work with the company, it is a legal document.

Format the letter. Use the standard format of a business letter with the address of the business, employee address then the body, closing statement, valediction, and signature.

Write the content of the letter. Put the reason for the termination here. Choose the words to use wisely since this is a sensitive issue. Include information about the severance package and final pay if they are there. Ensure you follow the law related to termination due absenteeism to avoid discrimination lawsuits. If in doubt, you can consult with an attorney.

Sign the letter and give copies to the relevant parties. The employee, supervisor, managers and the human resource department should have a copy.

Sample absenteeism termination letter

October 10, 2016


James Brown


Re: Termination of employment due to absenteeism

Dear Mr. Brown

This is to inform you of the termination of your employment as a Sales Representative in Success Marketers with immediate effect. You have continued being absent even after the three warnings we sent you which has necessitated the steps we have taken as per the company policy.

You know the stand of the company in relation to absenteeism, and despite being warned, you did not take heed. Because of your absenteeism, we have lost many customers and many potential leads, all of which have affected the company financially.

Kindly check with the human resource department regarding your severance pay and benefits. These will be accorded to you as indicated by the company policy. Your final pay will be given to you immediately.

We wish you all the best in your other endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

Jane Adams


Success Marketers

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