Corporate events need to be colorful. As a manager, when organizing an employee appreciation party themes, it's good to incorporate some ideas that will make an employee feel appreciated and make them remember the day. Some employee recognition ideas may be horrific while others too awesome for an employee ever to forget. However, these themes are about the company rules, and they shouldn't go against the code of conduct. Here are employee appreciation party ideas that are worth trying.

Entertainment ideas

  • Music- throw a fantastic music party to your employees.
  • Movies- subscribe to movie channels for a day.
  • Salsa night- give the employee a new taste of salsa.
  • Swing parties- revive the moods of the employees.
  • Rock on- through a rock party. Work well with the employee.

Sport ideas

  • Golfing day-schedule a golfing day to all your employees
  • Olympia-conduct running events on various departments
  • Softball- cheer your employees. They will love it.
  • Gamification- an excellent way to keep the employee engaged.
  • Casino parties- make it a night to remember

Food theme parties

  • Roasts- engage and have fun while sharing.
  • Chocolate factory- make every employee's flavor available.
  • Ballpark foods- everyone will appreciate. Popcorns, hotdogs, etc.
  • Cake theme- provide cakes to recognize the employees
  • Wine pyramid- fun but enjoyable.
  • Desserts- sweet and engaging.

Friendly picnic themes

  • Summer picnic- everyone love to play with water. Organize a water splash picnic
  • Company picnic- have fun and build morale.
  • Salsa night- make it the best evening for all.
  • Mardi gras- it's a great way to have fun
  • Casino- play some winning casino games.

Appreciation theme gifts

  • Basket Gifts- employees feel appreciated.
  • Note –thank you note
  • Employee fliers- have employees picture on them
  • Office cheers-a surprise for the employee appreciation day party.
  • Hero day- put a theme labeled ‘heroes'. It works.

Travel theme idea

  • World Trek- go to places where you haven't visited before
  • Island ideas- have some wine and relax.
  • Jungle walk- just have a stroll to nowhere.
  • Cruise ship theme- create a sea and tide environment.

Fun themes

  • Beat the clock- celebrate in style.
  • Star like ball themes- easy to decorate and fun.
  • Magic night ideas- a magical fun evening with employees.
  • Graffiti themes- use sprays and markers to make graffiti

Company theme ideas

  • Logo items- fun but a way of promoting your business.
  • Mask-great and fun way to relate to employees
  • Casual day- let them wear what they like.
  • French parties' theme- food, everything wine French.

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