An employee six-month review template is a check-up point between the organization and the employees to acknowledge accomplishments, contributions and evaluate the employees' progress against meeting the annual goals. The employee 6-month review acts as a track of the employee's final year report, and it is less complicated. It provides a simple layout and a rating scale that allow the performance of the employee to be accessed. Employee 6 months review template allow the employer and employee to sit down and evaluate the success, create a development plan to avoid the end year surprises. With employee 6-month review model, you can roadblocks to success and provide feedback to the employee based on his/her adherence to the standard and job opportunities.

Employee 6 months review template items


The purpose of the mid-month study is to provide an opportunity for the employers and staff to engage in a discussion on the annual goals set by the organization. It is a chance for the Human Resource Manager to appraise any achievements and point out barriers.




  • Set a schedule for each employee and discuss the progress
  • Ask the employee questions towards the status of the goal set, give ideas, and provide guidance.


  • Request for an appointment with the supervisor and discuss the goals.
  • Be prepared to explain the progress of the goals, barriers encountered and ask for any assistance from the supervisor.

Both the employee and supervisor should also discuss whether the goals are still achievable and set new necessary goals to keep them focused on the ultimate aim.

Employee information

Employee Name: xxx

Employee ID:  xyxyxyxxy

Employee Role: Marketing and Sales Representative

Department:  Marketing 

Reviewer Name:  ABC

Reviewer Title:  Human Resource Manager

Date of Review: 26/12/xx

Current responsibilities

Attach the responsibility of the job noting any significance changes that have occurred:

Manage sales, handle clients and keep a competitive environment.

Performance assessment

Performance and achieved goals evaluation: Achieves excellence in all tasks and targets and Maintains focus and persevere.

Discuss area with excellent progress: Clearly good at communication as evidenced by effectiveness in resolving customer problems.

Discuss area of improvement: Need to improve on time management and keep a normal work schedule.

Create new goals and set achievements: Conduct audits on all active contract to ensure compliance with the business terms.

Comments and approvals.

Employee comment: the review was a success. Plan to improve innovation ideas to meet end goals. 

Employee signature

Reviewer comment: XY XY XY has a creative workaround to the customer billing issues which has improved revenues by 22%.

Reviewer signature

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