Employee service gifts are the most popular form of recognition that is given at the workplace. Nonetheless, organizations need to know the proper gifts to use in rewarding their employees for their service. But, not to worry, there are several ideas you can apply to reward your employees. Let’s outline and explain some of them:


  1. Shopping trip- Gift the employees with a card that allows them to shop in some of their favorite stores.
  2. Travel with family- A free trip to the Bahamas or any other exciting destination together with their families, will make the employees feel valued by the organization.
  3. Free flight package- You can gift them with a flight package to any destination of their choice.
  4. Christmas holiday treat- You can treat your employee to an extensive Christmas holiday package that will assure them they are appreciated.
  5. Prolonged summer vacation- If you have a group of employees who have served the company for about 10 to 20 years, you can say thank you by granting them a long summer holiday.

Commemorative gift

  1. Offer a trophy- A trophy that features the employee’s name and years of service can be memorable.
  2. Pen with the person name and years of service engraved on it- This might be simple but classy. Regardless of its value, it is a clever way of recognizing the efforts of your employees, for their long service to your organization.
  3. Program named after a certain employee- If they were in charge of a mega project that later became successful, you could name the development after them.
  4. Picture of them at the office or the hallway- A picture of them hanging on the walls of their office, reception or the hallway, is a great employee service gift idea.
  5. Recognition certificate- You can also recognize their years of service with a well-crafted certificate.

Company celebration

  1. Recognize them at the meeting- Applaud the employees in a meeting where all other employees and executives are present
  2. Award presentation at the company- An award event can be held in the company, where all the staff who have worked with the company for long and fervently are rewarded with various gifts
  3. Treat everyone to champagne and cake- A cake party where the team is also treated with a glass of champagne can do wonders
  4. A week of appreciation- This can be scheduled to appreciate the employees with banners and balloons at their desks and on their office doors
  5. Send an email- Send them an email that has been signed by everybody in the organization.

Exciting treats

  1. Treat to lunch- You can buy your employees lunch and eat as you talk about their service to the company.
  2. Cards- You can give them a personalized card that holds congratulatory remarks.
  3. Group greeting card for the entire team- An overall card can be sent to the team.
  4. Pizza time with the team- You can also take them out to a pizza joint.
  5. Guitar or artist package- Depending on the particular interests of the employees, the gift can vary.

Gift of choice

  1. Award card- if an employee chooses to have an award card, give them just that.
  2. Donation to charity- Others may feel that it will be fine to donate any incentive gift you might have for them to a local charity organization.
  3. Weekend off- Others may choose to have a few days off especially if they work on weekends.
  4. Escapade with the team- Other employees may feel that by celebrating their efforts with their colleagues will be more rewarding.
  5. Credit card- Some may choose to have an opportunity to use a company credit card to shop for something they have been hoping to have.

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