Employee evaluation is a tool used to review the performance of every employee in the company after a certain amount of time. Every company carries out their assessment in different ways although there are core areas that they mostly evaluate. The supervisor or manager is responsible for assessing the employee through a private meeting that is specifically meant to discuss performance. With a checklist of questions and answers, the operator can respond to the questions asked to determine their progress.

Fundamental questions and answers include:


  • Are you a good listener? Yes_____________ No _______________
  • How is your oral comminucate? Excellent ___________ Average _______ Below Average _________
  • How well do you orally present yourself? Excellent ________ Average _______ Below Average __________
  • How is your written communication? Excellent _________ Average ________ Below Average _________
  • Are the levels of communication in the company approachable? Yes _________ No _________

Personal motivation

  • Are you motivated to do your job? Yes ___________ No ___________
  • How well do you work under the set working standards? Excellent ________ Average ________ Below Average __________
  • Are you charged with fresh energy to work evey day? Yes ________ No __________
  • Have you developed initiative? Yes ___________ No ____________
  • How well do you handle stress? Excellent _________ Average _________ Below Average ________
  • What is your professional or technical interest to learn new techniques? High ______ Average _____ No interest ______
  • Are you attentive to details? Yes ________ No _________

Interpersonal skills

  • Do you struggle to submit to the management? Yes _______ No ________
  • How well do you relate to others in the office? Excellent __________ Average _________ Below Average __________
  • Can you be trusted to keep the company's information confidential? Yes _______ No ________
  • Are you sensitive to your co-workers personal emotions? Yes ________ No ___________
  • How adaptable is your working conditions? Excellent ________ Average ___________ Below Average

Decision Making

  • Do you comminucate your decision to others promptly? Yes __________ No ____________
  • Do you treat others through how you judge them? Yes ________ No _________
  • Do you accept correction especially once you have settled on a decision? Yes _________ No __________.
  • How well do you find facts before you can reach into a decision? Excellent_________ Average ________ Below Average _______
  • How would you rate your overall decision making ability? Excellent _______ Average __________ Below Average __________


  • What is your knowledge level of your job position? Excellent __________ Average _________ Above Average __________
  • Are you willing to embrace more knowledge through trainings and workshops provided? Yes ____________ No __________
  • Do you want to grow your career into a better professional? Yes ________ No _________
  • Do you find the knowledge offered by the company helpful? Yes ________ No ____________
  • Overall does the company assist you in growing your career? Yes __________ No _____________

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