Understand the following items to check when conducting employee engagement questionnaire analysis

Top 30 Employee Engagement Questionnaire Analysis

Employee engagement plays a vital role in the overall success of an organization. Employees who are engaged tends to work more towards the company goals and will always create satisfied customers. Employee engagement questionnaire analysis is a method of measuring the level of participation of the employee. It can be a daunting process to most managers, but with the employee engagement survey, the process can be easy and fast. The engagement survey will assist the manager to identify the secure areas and sectors that need improvement.

For managers planning to conduct an employee engagement questionnaire analysis, here are some of the question that you should consider to be part of the survey.


  • The employees have an equal opportunity to pursue personal growth.
  • The staff receives training such as conferences and webinars to enhance their job skills.
  • The full management support and encourage personal growth.
  • The firm gives the staffs a room to learn from their mistakes.
  • The employee receives awards for their extra competition hours.


  • The employee has a complete understanding of the company’s goals and missions.
  • Employees fully understand how their efforts contribute to the overall success of the business.
  • The company responsibilities and goals give me a sense of satisfaction.
  • The organization set achievable goals.
  • The employee is guided and provided with the right information to assist in goals accomplishment.


  • The company has an acceptable benefit plan.
  • Employees receive compensation for overtime.
  • The employee is satisfied with the benefits package.
  • The staff's interest is the same compared to other organization.
  • My salary is comparable to the work I do.

Performance and transparency

  • The main company objective is to increase productivity.
  • The manager is responsible for the employees’ achievements.
  • The business performance standards are high.
  • The satisfaction survey measures the performance of all the staffs
  • The company highly addresses poor performance.


  • The company provides all the necessary equipment for staff to perform the tasks well.
  • The employee workplace is safe.
  • The staffs receive all the information to do their work well.
  • The employee is comfortable with his working situation.
  • Information and resources are readily accessible to the staff.


  • The company has a proper channel for an employee to air their views.
  • The organization provides feedback to employees.
  • Recognition and appreciation are placed to engage employees.
  • The firm shares information openly with the staffs.
  • The senior officers and the employees communicate effectively.

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