Happy employees bring life to the workplace. They come enthusiastic ready to contribute. Only engaged employees can produce such results. It is the company's work to design that environment that promotes employee engagement. By prioritizing employee engagement and motivation, the employees will reciprocate.

Employee Engagement Games

Fun games and events you can implement in your company include:

  1. Beach Ball - Think and write funny general questions on the ball with a marker, toss the ball in a circle until you say stop, the person holding the ball answers the nearest question. Repeat the process until everyone can at least answer one question. It helps team members learn about their colleagues.
  2. Fundraisers and charity days - Give your employees a chance to organize a fundraising or a charity event. It creates a sense of responsibility and concern.
  3. Treasure Hunt - Hide treasures around the office or out there and ask the employees to form in small groups and look for them. What each person or group finds, let them keep it.
  4. Physical activities - Small groups commonly do these during team building. They may include bowling, laser tag, go carting, etc. They allow each employee to learn how to work as a team.
  5. Truth and lies - It's a game to get everyone to know each other. Ask everyone to think quickly of two real truths and one lie about themselves and write them down anonymously as they sit in a circle. Pick all the papers and drop them in one box. Ask everyone to take turns reading out loud each piece and trying to guess who that could be - the one chosen has to say if its true or not.
  6. Sports events - They are great in bringing all employees of different departments and their families together. Whether basketball, soccer, athletics, etc. The teams bond so much better after that.
  7. Act it out - Have the groups receive supplies they will need for the props. Ask them to come up with a 5-minute skit using all the supplies they have received. You may or may not provide a topic of the skit. Get a judge or have everyone vote for the best skit.
  8. Trivia - Gather questions from different general topics, you may add a few from your line of business and have employees get into small groups. They can choose a category and answer the questions to earn points. They are allowed to discuss amongst themselves, the team with the most points win.

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