Check out the sample questions and answers used in developing negotiation skills assessment test.

Sample negotiation skills assessment test

Negotiation comes in handy when individuals or organizations are settling differences. It enables people to reach an agreement or comprise while considering the interests of each party. Hence, having good negotiation skills is important for employees, and those in managerial positions.  You can assess this vital aspect using negotiation skills assessment test.

Some of the questions you can include in your test are:

Problem analysis

  • A new client proposes a deal to your organization. What actions should you take before engaging the organization in the deal?
  • Your client recommends a plan that you think will be beneficial. What should you do prior to signing the agreement?


  • You have scheduled a meeting with one of your clients. How should you prepare to ensure the productivity of the meeting?
  • Before going for a negotiation meeting, what measures should you take?

Verbal communication

  • Your client seems unconvinced about entering into a deal with your organization. Explain how you should communicate the importance of the deal to the customer?
  • What should you do to ensure that the client understands all the aspects of the product or service?

Active listening

  • How can you use your listening skills to make the negotiation session a success?
  • Your client takes more time to substantiate their expectations. Should you interrupt and make them know that you too have issues to put forward?

Emotional control

  • What do you do when a client comes to your office when they are angry, and it is challenging to talk to them? How do you make sure that your meeting is productive?
  • Your client keeps on bringing in a similar argument. What should you do to keep the meeting continuing without arousing negative emotions?
  • Your boss keeps on picking on you in particular. You are unhappy with the situation. How do you make them know about your concerns without being emotional?

Teamwork and collaboration

  • Should you approach negotiation as a win-win or win-lose situation? Which of the two approaches is the most effective?
  • How can you cultivate a collaborative environment during the negotiation? How does this aid the process?

Decision-making ability

  • How to address a scenario where the other party demands a higher settlement than your organization?
  • What can you do to solve a stalemate and to ensure that the meeting ends effectively?

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