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Onboarding welcome email sample

As a company, it is important to take your welcome emails seriously. It's the most important email you will ever send to your new employee and will create the atmosphere for them. Your call to action should be simple, direct and definite to advise accordingly without leaving any important details out. Apparently, explain your expectations of the new employee giving them ideas of how you like things done while making their first experience a positive one. This is the point you set the business tone and establish the boundaries. Finding this balance is what many companies struggle with. You can't send all the information you want to feed this new employee in this onboarding email. Including too much information in a welcome email is too overwhelming for the new worker and it will be misunderstood. An essay like email is a No! No! This brings up the question, "what should be included in the onboarding welcome email?" The answer to all kinds of businesses is just to talk about what is highly relevant at the beginning and leave everything else to come into place as the employee gets acquainted.

Sample of an onboarding welcome email

To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Welcome to Debonair
Hello there,
I am James Clear. In this first message, I want to communicate three important things even as you prepare to work with us here at the Debonair. You understand that people are our business and so it is our duty to love all types of individuals, give them great service and a huge smile every day
Number 1: You are now a member of our great community. Welcome to the coolest community you have ever known! All our members are committed to becoming the best versions of themselves. They are all committed to becoming happier, healthier and smarter and they are also committed to helping you do the same.
Number 2: You will be hearing from me every Monday to Thursday. Each week you will receive new information that you will need in executing your duties. It will be information possible for a healthy living both physically and mentally.
Number 3: Finally, here are the first two links that you will need to get acquainted with. Go through them keenly. and responsibilities
It's so great to have you here with us. Thank you for reading!

Kind regards,
James Clear

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