Client onboarding is process and procedure of gathering  information and requirements and adding them to the business database. Many institutions spend a lot of time, money and effort when onboarding new clients. Without proper planning onboarding, new customers can go south very quickly. To prevent getting off on the wrong foot with your customer, then, it's essential to follow an effective onboarding process.

Important step to step on how to onboard new clients

Assess the new client existing campaigns.

Evaluation of the campaign and assets is crucial in every client onboarding process. The more you deal with the different scope of customers the more you get to understand that every client is different. The most efficient manner to go about it is:

  • Collect all the assets that you require to review your client.
  • List all the active and negative feedback findings.
  • Find opportunities and area that you need to Improve.

Create marketing plan and campaign goals

When onboarding a new client, a crucial step involves turning the assessment into quantified campaign goals and into an executable program that employee will handle. It's also better to clarify your goals and objectives to the team, as they will remain focused throughout the whole onboarding process.

Come up with the best team

With a plan and when you have designed your campaign goals, the next step involves assigning the best team that will accomplish the task. The team you choose for onboarding new client is expected to relate well with the client to enhance successful onboarding process.

Pre-onboarding orientation meetings

Before proceeding to onboarding new client, hold a pre-meeting with your team where you brief them on what you have accomplished so far and the expected response from the client. The team should have a clear understanding of the goals of the client and the scope of work, clients industry and all the details for the onboarding to be successful.

Start the onboarding process

By now, your team has complete knowledge of the customer and their expected actions. You don't want the client to see like you are the only one who knows more. The team has to demonstrate skills of the job and handle the onboarding process with expertise.

Follow up calls

As a manager after the onboarding new client, personal calls with the client to get feedback on the engagement. The follow-up will help identify any arising issue and fix it. It is also an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with the client.

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