As there are many employee awards, so are many names that they can be given. Knowing some of these names can help you to maintain creativity when recognizing employees for their effort. Recognizing the efforts of employees is one way of improving their morale, increasing productivity and enhancing employee engagement, which are all factors that help the business to achieve its objectives. Awards are used in recognizing all sorts of employee contributions and in turn, make them feel that their efforts are valued.

An employer can use creative names for the awards to make the whole idea fun and memorable as well as appreciative of the role the employees have played in the business. However, a company should choose award names that are in line with its organization culture and that are suitable for the employee. Below are some of the employee award names and ideas.

Top performer

  1. Leadership Award
  2. Spotlight award
  3. Leaders impact
  4. Above and beyond
  5. Pinnacle Award
  6. Standing ovation

Years of service

  1. One year of service
  2. Five years of dedicated service
  3. Ten years of service and devotion
  4. 25 years of service
  5. Outstanding dedication and service
  6. Excellent service and commitment
  7. Outstanding accomplishments

Customer service awards

  1. For your dedication to customer service
  2. Excellence in customer service
  3. Rising star award
  4. Service with a smile
  5. Customer service award
  6. For commitment to stellar customer service
  7. Outstanding customer service
  8. Client comforter

Sales awards

  1. Yearly top performer
  2. Monthly top performer
  3. Sales achievement
  4. First place award
  5. Outstanding Salesmanship
  6. Sales rep of the year
  7. For excellent results
  8. Sales leader award
  9. Chief closer

Employee of the (duration)

  1. Employee of the year
  2. Employee of the month
  3. Extraordinary service and dedication
  4. Incredible dedication and commitment
  5. Employee of the quarter

Leadership Award

  1. Excellent service and dedication
  2. Outstanding leadership
  3. Dedicated service
  4. Visionary guidance
  5. Outstanding achievement in leading the company
  6. Dedication and commitment
  7. Exemplary leadership and vision

Welcome aboard

  1. Welcome to the team
  2. Welcome
  3. Welcome to the company
  4. Welcome aboard
  5. Rookie Award
  6. Great start
  7. Bright beginning

Retirement Award

  1. Dedication and service
  2. Exceptional service
  3. Unmatched dedication
  4. Extraordinary service award
  5. Fare thee well
  6. Enjoy 401k
  7. Legacy behind

Peer to peer

  1. For your inspiration
  2. For your efforts
  3. We notice your dedication
  4. Key contributor
  5. Colleague Appreciation

Quality awards

  1. Commitment and dedication to ISO certification
  2. Maintaining high-quality standard
  3. Maintaining quality standards
  4. Excellence in quality
  5. Commitment to excellence

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