Find out about the contents in the 6 month employee evaluation form and sample text.

6 month employee evaluation form

Regular employee evaluation is necessary for organizations, which understand that employees are key drivers in their success. Employee performance evaluation comes in many forms. For instance, there is the probationary assessment that aims at evaluating new employees and other evaluations, which are conducted quarterly, mid-year or yearly. Below is a 6-month employee evaluation form:

Employee Name:

Reviewer Name:




Positive- Has met the set requirements

Negative- needs improvement

Evaluation areas

Attendance and punctuality

  1. Positive- Over the past 6 months, Jim’s attention to attendance and punctuality has contributed significantly to the group.
  2. Positive- Grace attends all the company and group meetings and observes punctuality regularly.
  3. Positive-John ensures that his workers adhere to breaks and lunch schedules.
  4. Negative- Heather does not follow the normal work schedule. He comes to work late and leaves many times throughout the day.
  5. Negative- Timothy is not able to conduct his meetings within the set time.


  1. Positive- In the past 6 months, Katherine had cooperated exceptionally with her team members at a time when the company was implementing a policy change.
  2. Negative- Marion has registered several yelling incidents with her supervisors.
  3. Positive-Grace’s crew has benefited from her skills to develop a team-enabling environment for the past six months.
  4. Positive- Nelly always demonstrates a positive attitude when working with team members.
  5. Negative-Jerry tends to make other people feel uncomfortable any time they seek for his assistance.


  1. Positive- Kathy is not hesitant to seek for feedback to ensure she performs her duties expeditiously.
  2. Positive- Miriam has used her excellent communication over the last 6 months, to solve various problems in her department.
  3. Positive- Tim’s team find him indispensable, due to his positive feedback.
  4. Negative- Rhoda often keeps information from her team members.
  5. Negative- Jerry tends to attack others when he receives feedback.

Customer satisfaction

  1. Positive- In the past 6 months, Jacob has received enormous positive feedback from clients.
  2. Positive- Max will go beyond his call of duty to ensure that the customers are satisfied.
  3. Negative- Collins needs to prioritize his clients. He needs to improve his negotiation skills over the coming 6 months.
  4. Negative- Helen is not able to say no to customers. Sometimes, she encounters losses.
  5. Negative- John would bring in more new customers if he conducts follow-up.

Creativity and innovation

  1. Positive-Over the past six months, Drake has used his innovativeness and creativity in improving the advertising campaign.
  2. Positive – Jose has an ability to manage obstacles skillfully.
  3. Positive- Shannon creatively changes the working environment for her crew.
  4. Negative- Lillian needs to trust her intuitions and use them in performing her duties effectively.
  5. Negative- Mary always avoids new ideas and does not like trying out different perspectives.

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