Having good employee relations is crucial to organization’s success. They can encompass diverse aspects of an employee relationship with their employer and the organization. Sometimes there are employee relations issues, which arise due to the interactions. Here are examples of issues you should monitor.

Employee’s dispute with a colleague

It is important to resolve disputes among your employees before they escalate to bigger problems, which can be detrimental to your organization.

Does not pay attention to detail in their work

Some employees may have problems in delivering error-free work. Taking note of such issues and making them known to the employee may help in improving their service delivery.

Gets poor customer feedback

Your customers are an important part of your organization. You certainly want them to be handled appropriately. Poor customer feedback means a low level of customer satisfaction.

Depicts some level of struggle during training period

Take note of employees who have problems understanding things during the training or probation period. It can tell you if they need more help or mentorship.

Cannot follow through with almost everything

To ensure excellent performance from your employees, you should ensure that those who have problems carrying out assignments are addressed appropriately.

Utilizes the organization’s resources without authorization

Proper management of company’s resources is necessary for the optimal realization of profits. Assess and document any employee who uses company’s equipment, funds and other facilities for self-gain.

Have problems managing time

They say time is money. Monitor your employees to ensure that they do not lack time management skills.

Comes late at work

If an employee comes to work late, it means then that they will not have enough time to do all their tasks for the day. It is your responsibility as the manager or supervisor to ensure that your staff members keep time.

Unexplained absenteeism

Again, you should take note of employees who fail to report to work, without any explanation. The more time they are absent, the more your company’s programs lag behind.

Comes and leaves work as they please

If an employee comes to work and leaves when they feel like, then that should be monitored. Where possible you might need to understand why they are doing so.

Dresses inappropriately

In jobs where dress code is paramount, workers who wear inappropriate clothing should be monitored as well.

Have poor oral or written communication skills

It is essential for an employee to have excellent oral and written communication skills. Evaluate employees who show a lack or little oral or written communication skills.


Violates safety policy even if nobody gets hurt

If an employee endangers the lives of their colleagues, you should note it and reprimand in the right manner.

Makes racial comments or discriminatory remarks

It is wrong to discriminate people on any basis be it race or religion. Hence, you should track employees who make comments that may sound discriminating.

Does not depict commitment to their work

Some employees may show less commitment to their work.

Let’s out confidential information

Depending on the nature of the business, releasing information that is regarded as confidential can be harmful.

Appears to work drunk or drugged

You should note those employees who come to the workplace drunk or drugged since this would affect their job performance.

Shows no or little respect when speaking to supervisor

Monitor those stubborn employees, who give their supervisors a difficult time at work.

Regularly late for meetings

One should also be concerned if one or a few of their employees always comes late for office-scheduled meetings.

Often have an excuse for not doing the right thing

It is also important to track an employee who always has an excuse when they do not meet their obligations or when they are in the wrong.

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