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Onboarding welcome letter

An onboarding welcome letter is a vital one that every new employee looks forward to. The welcome letter introduces the new employee to the new position providing an essential background information on the company. It also presents the responsibilities that the new employee will be handling and the management who supervises him. This letter comes as an essential interaction of the new company to the staff giving them an idea of what it looks like at work. It also motivates the employee to learn that someone will be waiting to receive them on their first day at work.

A sample of the onboarding welcome letter

George Gregory,
9968 Hamilton Drive
Miami, FL 33125

June 10, 2015

Micheal Sean,
Home Interiors Ltd
472 Pulaski Rd.
Spring Hill, FL 34608

REF: Welcome to the Company

Dear Mr. Gregory,

Welcome to the Home Interiors Ltd! We are happy to confirm your selection to join us for a full-time permanent position of the Operations Assistant Manager, reporting to the Operations Manager.

We expect you here on Monday, July 1, 2015, at 8:00 am ready to meet with the Operations Manager for a briefing and a tour around the office. Come prepared to work for the rest of the day with a lunch out at the company's cafeteria with the Human Resource Manager. Your first week will be a bit hectic and busy as you try to settle down and learn the basics of your operations.

Your starting salary will be $100 per hour to be reviewed after the first three months and will be paid to you every 27th day of the month. You are joining us to fill a very critical role in this company; it will require hard work and lots of creativity to keep the operations department running smoothly. You will have a team of 35 employees to work with; we believe you will make the Home Interiors services fun and productive.

We look forward to your arrival and interaction with the rest of the employees and supervisors. I have included a copy of the map of the facility where our company is located which includes the parking information. Please make use of the parking slot marked Y if you will be driving. 

Attached, find more information on your position and the office contacts. For any concerns or question, do not hesitate to contact me.


Michael Sean,
Human Resource Administrator
Home Interiors Ltd.

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