Learn how to write an evaluation report as a supervisor and use our sample as guidance.

Free employee evaluation sample of supervisor

When you are the director in charge of staff, you are required to give an account of how their performance has been. Sometimes most supervisors/ managers find themselves out of words to express what they have concluded after the employee evaluation session. Others don't even have an idea how an assessment report looks like and struggle coming up with one. With some help, they could do just fine and not look confused in front of their employees.

An example of a supervisor's evaluation report

Employee: Ruth Hannibal
Job Title: Administrative Manager
Post no. 987/45
Evaluation Period from 1/1/2013 to 12/12/2013
Supervisor: Robert Spoiler

Areas of competence:

Communication - 3.00 meets requirements
Ruth has splendid verbal skills and she communicates clearly and concisely. She has excellent listening skills too and thinks about the matter well enough before she can answer you. Her written communication is clear too with proper grammar that meets the requirements. However, on many occasions, Ruth has chosen inappropriate methods of communication for the wrong groups and ended up mixing up information.

Managing others - 3.80 Meets requirements
Ruth provides clear direction to all employees and customers. She provides a considerable amount of her efforts and skills in helping others develop their abilities. Ruth has developed the skills of her subordinates through her spirit of excellence. One problem though is that she is not available every time she is needed. Her lack of availability brings about confusion to the staff expecting help leaving them stranded or making their decisions that may not go well with the company's policy.

Teamwork - 4.80 Exceeds Requirements
Ruth is a great team player. She has a tremendous leadership spirit that focuses towards the success of his team and the company at as a whole. He has a high level of openness and authentic warmness that makes the rest of the team members feel welcome.

Leadership - 2.00 Needs improvement
Ruth can be a better leader if she shows a greater level of confidence in himself as well as in others. Her lack of trust affects the rest of the workforce as she cannot trust anybody. When pressure comes, Ruth reacts very poorly and is not able to offer a direction to other employees. The unfortunate habit can change when she begins to trust in herself and the abilities she has.

Employee acknowledgment: I have received this document and reviewed it with y supervisor.
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