A press release announcing a new hire is crucial in informing the clients, investors and other stakeholders of the latest entrant in the company and how he or she will help in the success of the company. The press release shows the world the new person, their knowledge, and experience.

How to write a new hire press release

Gather information. Check the CV and have an interview with the new hire to obtain information about the new hires education background, past experiences, and achievements. This will ensure that you give accurate information.

Describe their experience. Show the person's experience in their previous jobs and how that will be beneficial to the company. Provide information on where they worked, what they did there to be successful and how they will bring that success to the business. State their duties in the organization.

A quote from the new hire. Include a quote from the new hire stipulating how thrilled they are in the company and how they intend to work hard for it.

Include a headshot. A professionally done headshot of the new hire will help the audience to put a face to the person being referred to. Interestingly, people are more attracted to visual things and therefore it may help to increase the views of the press release.

Sample new hire press release

Press release: Liberty Insurance hires Robert Brown as Regional Manager

Liberty Insurance is pleased to announce that Robert Brown has joined its home office as the Regional Manager. In the role, Brown will ensure the company continues to offer quality services to its existing customers as well as increasing its customer base in the region.

“I was inspired by the company's goal of seeing that people get affordable insurance from an underwriter who is committed to quality and fast service,” said Brown. “I am honored to be part of a team that is committed to changing people's lives for the better, and I will put my contribution to see that we reach more people.”

Brown brings to Liberty Insurance more than 10 years experience in the insurance industry where he has served in different capacities. The recent was as a branch manager at Sarco Insurance which he led to success as the branch with the highest revenue generating figures and the fewest complaints. Prior to that, Brown had also worked as an underwriting manager and insurance sales manager, capacities which he produces results. An insurer by profession, Brown has a Bachelor degree in Insurance from Pen State University and various insurance accreditations.

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