Understand how to do a robust employee satisfaction survey analysis to apply it in your organization.

Employee satisfaction survey report. 20 steps to develop a strong analysis

Employee satisfaction at any given working environment is the key factor for a successful business. Regular checks on the employee satisfaction are critical. A happy and a happy employee leads to a productive worker. Employee satisfaction survey is a study aimed at successfully collecting information from the employee and understanding the factors that influences the employee to be motivated while performing his/ her responsibilities.

Employee satisfaction survey analysis report are carried after a successful satisfaction survey. From the data obtained from the analysis, you can now create a report. From the employee satisfaction survey analysis report, percentage and numeric may be applied to show the areas that showed positive or negative results, for example, 50% of the study show that employees are satisfied with the open door policy. The information is then shared with the research team first before releasing the information to the rest of the workers. Here are items checked when conducting an employee satisfaction survey analysis report.

Working environment

  • The organization provides a peaceful working environment.
  • Am satisfied working at an open door policy.
  • All the equipment’s needed to help me perform.
  • The employee recommends the company as a good place to work.
  • Employee health is the priority and protected from hazardous materials.


  • The managers encourage the workers to balance personal life and work life.
  • Am given opportunities to pursue personal development.
  • The company provides their employees with training to perform their task well.
  • My work gives me the sense of personal accomplishment
  • The company allows the employees to innovate new ways of developing a new operating strategy.
  • The employees are involved in decision making.

Job satisfaction

  • I like the tasks and responsibilities assigned to me.
  • The employee understands what responsibilities allocated to them.
  • I am acutely aware of what expected of me.
  • The workload delegated to the employee is reasonable.
  • The employee’s salary is equal to the job done.
  • I understand how my roles contribute to the organization goals and objectives


  • The employees receive recognition for the successful accomplishment of tasks.
  • I receive awards for creativity and innovation.
  • The staffs appreciate the incentives given by the company
  • The company recognizes workers through Personal celebrations
  • The company provides compensation for overtime.


  • The employees are proud to tell people they work for the organization.
  • The company uses their surveys to engage their employee.
  • I would recommend the business to family or friends.
  • Manager encourages group work activities.
  • The employee is involved in decision making.

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