Discover the template of an employee information change form, including its contents.

Employee information change form template and contents

Every once in a while, an employee may change his or her information such as the name, address, phone number or emergency contact. These details need to be updated in the organization’s database, which requires the employees to fill an information change form.

The organization should design its information change form to incorporate its needs. That is why you will find forms with varied designs and requiring varied information for different companies. However, some fields are common in most forms such as the name of the employee, department and the details being changed including address, phone number, and name. Below are contents and template of an employee information change form.

Contents of the employee information change form

Employee details. These comprise of the name, number and department of the employee. The section can also have the date in which the details change should be effective.

Name change. The new name should appear here. However, a name change should be supported by legal evidence such as a marriage certificate, court order, passport or a driver’s license.

Change in marital status. Has an employee gotten married or divorced? The change should also be supported by evidence. This implicates on the processing of employee benefits and withholding that depend on the marital status of the employee.

Change in the phone number and address. The organization needs current employee contact information for smooth communication. In this section, the employee should furnish their current address, telephone number, cell phone number and email address in case there are any changes.

Emergency contact changes. This is a change in the contact person in case of an emergency. The employee should provide the details of the new emergency contact such as name, relationship with the employee, phone number and address.

Drivers license change. If driver’s license number is part of the information required by the employer, then it is imperative that you update it in case there is a change. Provide the current number, its expiry date and state.

Signature. After filling all the fields that need changing, the employee should sign the form including the date signed.

Sample employee information change form

Instructions. Complete this form for any change in name, address, emergency contact or driver’s license and return it to human resource department.

Employee name. […]

Number: […]

Department: […]

Effective date: […]

Please revise my records to reflect these changes

New Name: […]

Marital status: […]

Phone / Address change

Address: […]

City/State/Zip: […]

Home Tel: […]

Cell Phone: […]

Email: […]

Emergency contacts change

Name: […]

Address: […]

City/State /Zip: […]

Tel Number: […]

Cell Phone: […]

Relationship with employee: […]

License change

Driver’s License Number: […]

Expiry Date: […]

State: […]

Employee Signature/Date: […]

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