Effective employee scheduling is crucial to any company's success. But do you stick to the old methods of pen and paper or do you use the software? The most efficient way of scheduling your workforce is through a software program. The good thing is that there is employee scheduling free Excel software. They cost nothing but with great results. Here is a list of 10 software solutions you will find useful.

When I work

If you have hourly employees then When I Work is the best software to use. It is easy to use, and it's available to all. It also comes with free applications developed for Android and iOS, and you can fill shifts and make changes in not time from anywhere. Save time and company resources with this scheduling software.


Jolt provides a top-tier experience for business of all sizes. The employee scheduling software treats you to 7 different calendar views, one-click employee notification and drag-and-drop shifts. Besides it provides you with a central location where you can manage all business operations.


Shiftboard is best suited for industries such as security, hospitality, event planning and other business services. It enables companies to handle employee schedules across different geographical locations, work sites and job sites. Other than attendance, it is useful for communication, reporting, and people management. They are also user-friendly and featuring apps for iOS and Android devices.

7 shifts: Restaurant Scheduling

If you run a restaurant of any size, 7Shifts can help you to manage employee schedules effortlessly. It is easy to use and intuitive. It is tailored to the restaurant industry. What more, it provides free mobile apps for the managers and employees, which enable them to access and interact with the schedules.


Deputy is a web-based software solution which offers the best technology for managing your employees. It simplifies scheduling, preparation of timesheets and it makes communication and administrative operations easy. Besides, it also allows payroll integration.

Shift planning

Shift planning is centralized scheduling software for employees and managers. It ensures effective communication flows, best reporting alternatives, real-time problem solving and features such as simple employee swapping.

TrackSmart Scheduling

TrackSmart Scheduling allows you to plan work shifts quickly and to enable employees to access the schedules from anywhere using a PC, tablet, and phone. It also saves managers time and effort by enabling employees to communicate and swap work shifts on their own. It can also manage requests for time off, store employees' records, approve timesheets and run reports.


Planday makes your shift business easier by offering innovative scheduling software. It allows you to assign shifts, communicate to your employees, track time and export to timesheets as well as export to payroll and obtain comprehensive reporting all in an efficient manner.


NimbleSchedule aims to offer significant labor expenses reductions, improved communications and maximized productivity by scheduling, instant communication, time tracking and analytics tools. It is easy to use and highly responsive to the needs of an organization when it comes to scheduling tasks and communication.

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