An overall performance summary is prepared after the evaluations have been done on each of the areas being assessed. It provides a summation of how an employee has performed in the year being evaluated. A manager should base the performance summary on how an employee has fared on the categories being evaluated such as communication skills, attendance, customer service, dependability, and initiative.

An employee overall performance summary depends on their performance on the reviewed categories. It is the average rating depending on the rating criteria. For instance, it could be outstanding, exceeds expectation, meets expectation, needs improvement or did not meet expectations.

How to create an employee performance summary

  • Evaluate the employee’s performance on categories relevant to their job specifications. Use evaluation phrases to describe how an employee has performed.
  • Make sure you provide an accurate evaluation by checking evidence of performance you should have collected throughout the period being evaluated. Include data such as output level, to support the appraisal. When providing feedback on poor results, remember to comment on the behavior and not the person. For instance, say ‘Jane does not provide timely feedback on projects,’ instead of ‘Jane is poor in communicating.’
  • Ensure the statements you provide are a representation of an employee’s performance. Remove those you do not have substantial evidence.
  • Make sure you have written an appraisal for each category that applies to the employees.
  • Write a summary of employee performance based on the evaluations given in each category.

Sample performance summary

Outstanding overall performance summary

Jack uses his skills to carry out duties outstandingly and beyond expectations. He comes up with excellent solutions and handles his assignments with the highest performance standards. He portrays a high level of expertise that should be emulated by others. His value to the organization is beyond what is expected.

Meets expectations overall performance summary

Mary performs tasks and achieves the expected goals based on the set standards. She can handle projects required in her position. She integrates her skills in carrying out duties and problem solving. She exceeded the set targets in sales while she only managed to meet her communication goals. Mary provides the expected performance in her position; she is competent and valuable to the company.

Needs to improve overall performance summary

Jack’s performance does not meet all the requirements of his position. He needs to improve his customer service skills and to meet sales targets. He needs constant supervision to complete his assignments, although he pays attention to details. Jack needs to show improvement in his sales and customer service skills to improve his performance.

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