Employee relation activities should be the top most priority of any organization. Creating effective employee relationship strategies help the team towards meeting the goals set. As a manager, focusing on how the employees relate with one another ensures long commitment with the employees and a healthy working environment. Convincingly, some activities will continuously lead to the increment in productivity, and performance level of the employees. Here are Employee relations activities top ideas that you should consider implementing in the office.

  1. Personal projects opportunities
  2. Teams at workplace
  3. Names at workplace
  4. A day off in the field
  5. Contest within the organization.
  6. Charity contributions and events.
  7. Weekly food day party.
  8. Seminars and conference on personal branding.
  9. Work forum to share thoughts.
  10. Free subscriptions to magazines and movie sites.
  11. Give a no email day to allow employee interact.
  12. Encourage feedback
  13. Act on the employees needs
  14. Mentor sessions
  15. Ask employee engagement on what they will do for a day.
  16. Gaming activities.
  17. Brainstorming sessions.
  18. Traditional clubs
  19. Problem-solving organizations.
  20. Event planning
  21. Design the office in agreement with the employee suggestions.
  22. Meetings
  23. Sharing company performance with the employees.
  24. Competitive environment.
  25. Encourage innovations that will boost quality and performance of the firm.
  26. Long term projects involvement.
  27. Personal celebrations
  28. Work-life balance employees
  29. Travel day off.
  30. Fun at work.
  31. Transparency and accountability at the workplace.
  32. Volunteering activities
  33. Celebrate achievements
  34. Provide all the resources needed by the employee in the workplace.
  35. Let employee have a representative of their choice.
  36. Excellent communication with the employee.
  37. Follow legal codes of the company.
  38. Create work policy.
  39. Celebrate people
  40. Create benefits plan.
  41. Training and conferences. 
  42. Development of organization newsletter.
  43. Career development day
  44. Brag board activities
  45. Employee challenges day
  46. Employee surveys/questionnaire
  47. Physical activities day.
  48. Vacations
  49. Open working office/no cubicles
  50. Responsibilities at workplace
  51. Learning club.
  52. Field work activities
  53. Onboarding and offboarding activities
  54. Hackathon activities
  55. Health relief breaks at work
  56. Healthy activities such as hikes by the employees
  57. Online platforms and forums
  58. Employee surveys
  59. Employees' family time events.
  60. Business planning activities.
  61. Knowledge sharing programs
  62. Internal magazines and newsletter.
  63. Office day games.
  64. Teamwork and groups.
  65. Workplace awards,
  66. Employee themes day.
  67. Workshop day.
  68. Break room activities
  69. Create employee monthly awards.
  70. One on interaction between staffs and employees
  71. Community involvement day.
  72. Benefits and profit sharing programs
  73. Outdoor activities on a work day
  74. Wellness committee in the office.
  75. Years of service programs
  76. Give challenging assignments to the employees
  77. Career opportunity day.
  78. Team building events.
  79. Book clubs organizations on work related topics.
  80. Leadership programs.
  81. Have a company history month.
  82. Break puzzle games.
  83. Field related activities
  84. organization meetings.  
  85. Career day. 
  86. Conferences and training. 
  87. Online engagement platforms
  88. group forums
  89. No email days.
  90. Employee service years awards.

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