Learn how to boost employees morale on appreciation day by reading our employee appreciation day ideas events.

Top 31 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Events

Top 31 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas Events.

Employee appreciation day is a day that all the staff expects their heads to act out. It’s such a special day for all the team and to the employers. On the appreciation day, the manager should refocus his attention to the employee by using the employee appreciation day event ideas.

If according to the company policy, that the employee is expected to attend work on a typical day, the manager can make the day a littles special. Before the appreciation, a manager should have employee appreciation day ideas events at your fingers. All employee should experience the same events on the day. Luckily for you bosses, we have rounded up some employee appreciation day event ideas.

Social events

  • Ask employees to participate in community giving events.
  • Volunteer into charity work events.
  • Hold team outdoor activities like games such as tug of wars.
  • Surprise the employees with treats in the briefing room.
  • Make the day no email day and allow the employee to socialize and have some fun at the office.

Classical activities

  • Throw a pizza party to the staffs.
  • Create long coffee breaks and happy hours.
  • Invite a band to perform to the employees.
  • Take a field trip and visit favorite places.
  • Have breakfast or lunch at the employees hotel of choice.


  • Hold conferences and webinars to train the employees.
  • Allow the employee to ditch task assigned to them and do something fun.
  • Invite members from other companies and throw a party together.
  • Let the employees come with their family on appreciation day and have some fun.
  • Ask employees to plan and coordinate a social event.
  • Focus on personal development and call mentors to guide employees on career choices.

Health and wellness events

  • Invite a massage therapist and offer free massage to everyone.
  • Ask an expert to guide the employees through a meditation process to help reduce stress.
  • Offer free yoga classes and exercise to all the staff.
  • Provide your employees with a tracking device that monitors their health.
  • Provide catered breakfast or lunch on the appreciation day.

Recognition events

  • Celebrate your employees who have accomplished your milestone.
  • Grant your employee's tickets to watch the national event day.
  • Tickets to their favorite concert or movies.
  • Give certificate awards to the employees.’
  • Organise prizes and giveaways.


  • Play music at the office.
  • Call in a band to entertain your staffs.
  • Have a company picnic day with their families.
  • Engage the employees at work using gamification.
  • Take pictures of the employees and post them on social media to show you care.

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