Getting clients uses a lot of resources and that is why it is essential to make sure they remain with the company for long. A business can achieve by client onboarding, which entails collecting customer data and information and including it in the company systems so that you two can start doing business by holding meetings, video calls, printed documents and filling forms among others. A business can use client onboarding software to make the process much easier. Some of the top onboarding software includes:


The software enables fast onboarding of customers. It gathers customer information from public records, centralizes customers' data, features mobile apps and allows the business to comply with regulations.


Kofax makes client onboarding for banks an efficient and fast process. The software also allows for capturing of new customer's documents from different sources including mobile devices, desktop scanners, internet portals and multifunctional printers, making it easy to capture information using different devices.


Appway automates the client onboarding process as well as updating and offboarding making the process efficient and accurate. The software is suitable for use in the financial sector where it also ensures that a business complies in tax and legal matters.


Pega provides automated customer onboarding process, and it can be used for new clients as well as updating products or services information of an existing one. The software ensures compliance by having business rules which it integrates with data management and work automation.


Fenergo is client onboarding software for financial institutions. It enables onboarding and compliance with regulations in addition to document management, workflow, and case management. The software's workflow engine is rule driven and provides a tool that takes clients from initial contact, requests, and approval for information needed during onboarding.


TCS onboarding software enables insurance and financial institutions to consolidate account opening which varies from the old paper-based methods and the current mobile devices channels. It also helps with compliance while it manages customers across different channels, helping the business to give all types of its clients a great onboarding experience and increase in sales revenue. It provides the business with, simplified processes, reduced time cycles, enhanced customer experience and reduced costs.


Appian provides a customer-centric onboarding experience that includes capturing information, identification, and verification, for capital markets and banks. It makes account opening faster and helps in managing relationships of clients throughout their lifetime with the business. The company can comply with the changing regulations much easily when using the software, it has an intuitive user interface, mobile capabilities and consolidating of records.

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