Remote employees. Top 25 engagement activities ideas

With no doubt, employee engagement is the key activity in every firm that keeps the employee motivated. In recent years, companies have allowed flexibility by letting employees work from home. The advantage of remote working capabilities is that it allows employees to be more responsible with the task given and results to be more productive for a long time. Remote working offers a great freedom and the employees empowering them to manage their time efficiently and have confidence in themselves. More so, it encourages life balance.

On the other hand, the employer lacks any engagement activities for remote employees. Though there are collaboration ways such as video calls, they may not replicate engagement office activities entirely in the online environment. Here are engagement activities for remote employee you should try in your business.


  • Video calls- use calls to meet with your employees
  • Software- Tools such as Asana, drop box will are platforms where employees can engage and share ideas and even files.
  • Emails- Send out emails to employees communicating any activity or changes in the schedule.
  • Chit chats- every employee needs to have small talks with his colleague. Conversations help employee relate with each other.
  • Keep them informed- business proceedings and status.
  • Feedback- ask employees to suggest possible ways in which they can send their feedback or comments.

Time management ideas

  • Flexibility- allow the operator to choose the time to work.
  • Comprehensive calendar- enable employees to make virtual timetable including their family activities.
  • Schedule- a schedule that respects the employee autonomy.
  • Coffee breaks- during virtual working hours allow the employee to take coffee breaks.

Classic ideas

  • Social platforms- allow employee to engage online e.g. Facebook 
  • Employee happy hours- enable the employee to participate outside the working hours.
  • Weekly leadership- let the employees take virtual leadership roles every week. 
  • Training- virtual conferences and webinars can achieve this.
  • Virtual polling- allow the employee to vote for any topic or motion online.

Team activities

  • Group meetings- enable employees to meet at least weekends and share ideas.
  • Face to face- at least organize a face to face meeting once/twice a year.
  • Team charters- let teams come up with agreement on how to conduct projects and give feedback or comments.
  • Tools- equip the employees with necessary tools to perform tasks.
  • Online games- very efficient and fun.

Rewards ideas

  • Bonuses- give gifts for consistently good work.
  • Benefits- offer benefits to employees
  • Commission- for high productivity.
  • Email recognition- send email appreciating your employees.
  • Vacations- a week off duty.

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